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5 Deadly Digital Marketing Mistakes



5 Deadly Digital Marketing Mistakes

Though there have never been so many marketing opportunities in the digital space, the competition is rising and the industry is cutthroat. Being creative while keeping an emphasis on the basics is the only way to ensure success with your digital marketing efforts in 2019. You can get away with marketing for free thanks to social media, but you won’t get away with ending your efforts there. Making proper use of the data available to you and delivering massive value to your audience based on your finds will make you a power player in the space this year. We’ve all been able to get away with some lazy habits and careless mistakes in the past, but today things are changing, and your competition is ready to pick up your slack and steal business from you at any moment. If you aren’t careful, there are some deadly mistakes that you could be making right now that will eventually lead to the end of your digital marketing success if you don’t take the proper measures to adjust.


1. Misusing Tracking Pixels (or not using them at all)

Some would call it a rookie mistake but the truth is that more marketers are getting this wrong than those that are aware of it. Installing the Facebook tracking pixel on your web property is one of the absolute most important things to do before generating any traffic to your site. Regardless of whether you think you’re going to be using Facebook ads, having the pixel installed on your site will allow you to aggregate invaluable data that you can use to learn more about your audience and eventually use to track them down and convert them in the future. Failing to install the Facebook pixel on your site before running traffic can be a deadly mistake because the truth is that there is no getting that data back once you’ve lost it. Already have the Facebook tracking pixel installed? Congrats! This is where most marketers think that they are geniuses and fall short of their competitors. Google Analytics also has a powerful tracking code that you can install to track the data and conversions that you’re getting from your web traffic. It will allow you to see exactly where you visitors are coming from online and can even allow you to see what keywords people are typing in to find your website in case you’re getting some SEO traffic. These are just two amazing platforms that allow marketers like yourself to take advantage of their tools completely free. The Facebook pixel and Google Analytics should not mark the end of your data strategy, but it is a deadly digital marketing mistake if you aren’t starting there.


2. Asking for the Sale at first Touch

Another huge mistake, waste of advertising dollars, and time that I see occurring around the clock are asking for the sale too early. When running advertisements to cold audiences, you aren’t likely to make a sale the first time they are hearing from you or your brand. It’s known in sales that it takes on average around 7 different touches before your leads are ready to purchase from you and the principle applies when selling online. In fact, consumers are much more skeptical when buying from people online so you need to make sure that you’re offering your potential customers value first instead of offering a discount on a product or service that they don’t even know they need.


3. Not Following Up

Offer value first and then make sure that you collect some sort of information from your leads so that you can follow up. Failing to capture an email address or phone number when advertising online, will keep you from growing your business consistently online. Once you have your lead’s information it is vital that you follow up with messages that help[ them move down the buyer’s journey. From information about the products and services you offer to personal advice about issues your customers may be having, you have to follow up in order to gain the trust of your audience. Follow up doesn’t have to happen on a platform other than the one you’ve generated leads on. If you’re following the advice from the first point, you should also be able to follow up your audience by retargeting them with ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Google.


4. Lacking Content Strategy

If you want to do follow properly, you’ll want to have a solid content strategy in place to help your audience learn more about your industry and grow an affinity for your brand when it comes to decision-making time. From informational blogs to entertaining videos and credibility-boosting case studies, you’ll want to form a logical sequence that helps your customers come to a buying decision. You need to take the time to sit down and truly understand the mindset of your potential customers when buying or searching online and keep the formula AIDA in mind when creating your content strategy. Testing as many different types of media possible, you should then find no trouble whatsoever getting your customers to convert after having multiple positive interactions with your brand.


5. Doing the Dirty Work

The final deadly digital marketing mistake I see even the most advanced marketers making is spending too much time doing dirty work that can either be automated with tools or outsourced for cheap. With automation tools like Instazood and LinkedHelper costing as little as $10 per month, you can be doing cold outreach, starting hundreds of conversations with potential leads on multiple platforms without spending a single second on social media. Taking the time to learn how to use these tools effectively can save you tons of time and money on your marketing in the long run. Not only are there tons of tools to help you automate outreach, but there is a multitude of professional marketers, developers, and writers that can help you with side projects that suck your organization’s time for a very low cost. Never underestimate the quality of talent on websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. You can find real professionals with real experience from all over the world that are excited to take on your dirty work right now.


2019 will mark a time of new challenges for digital marketers and it will never be more important to keep up with the standards of the industry. Keeping track of your audience with analytics and treating your audience with care and respect will allow you to keep an edge on the newbies that are entering the space every day. Avoid these 5 deadly marketing mistakes, and you’re bound to be making the most of your advertising dollars online.


Keith Smith is a publicist, communications manager, content marketing strategist, and the founder of a communications agency based in South Florida. Working with public figures, e-commerce brands, and technology startups across the United States, Keith helps his clients create and develop persuasive stories that touch millions of people in the audiences that matter most. Get in touch: