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5 Things All Personal Brands Have In Common



personal branding with Muhammad Hayat

Whether you realize it or not, your brand is now fully established, and it should fulfill all the requirements that could make or break it. 

There are a certain set of characteristics that your brand should follow to achieve the full potential it’s capable of. Otherwise, no matter how much effort and time you give in, your brand won’t be able to compete with the top brands out there. 

As personal brands are not built overnight and take time, it can be difficult to modify them according to your goals. Let’s see some of the top characteristics that all the personal brands such as Gary vee, Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Simon Sinek have in common hence; you should too! 

1. Authenticity 

There is not a single big personal brand out there that isn’t authentic. If your brand isn’t authentic, it may last or even be successful for a short period but trust me, it won’t last long, like it or not. 

Transparency is very important, and being true to your customers is the key. Always be honest and avoid trying to manipulate your customers. And even if things aren’t well, don’t try to cover it. People like honesty, and it will help you in the long run. 

2. Consistency 

Once you’ve done building up a nice image of your brand, consistency is what will take you forward. No matter how good your work gets, if you’re not consistent with your customers, they will always find a replacement. 

So, when you make a personal brand, you have to have the mindset that you will give all that it takes and stay committed in the long run. 

3. Open-Mindedness 

A lot of people starting a personal brand ignore this. Whenever you start from scratch, be prepared to face criticism as nothing comes without it. There will always be people ready to disagree with your thoughts or ideas; however, it’s dependent on you to handle that. A successful brand would follow an optimistic approach and try to make something out of opposing ideas. 

Although it’s necessary to know the field fully that you’re working on, don’t feel like being right all the time and be open to any ideas or oppositions. 

4. Accessibility 

Always be open to all kind of communications and give yourself an image of being available all the time. This is relatively easy to follow due to the technologies available nowadays. Connecting to your customers is easier than ever, almost instantaneously.

Don’t make your customers feel like you’re somewhat distant as it’s bound to make them start looking for alternatives. Hence, being accessible makes you available for a whole lot of additional opportunities. 

5. Attitude 

Adopting a good attitude to your customers is more important than you may know. Always present the best form of you towards people to keep them engages. You can take any huge brand as an example of this. They always present their positive attitude and avoid presenting problems and help to figure out answers instead. 

6. Work Ethic 

Not having work ethics and failing to provide quality work is bound to take your brand down, and it just becomes a matter of time before that happens. Quality should be the top priority; otherwise, even if you get lots of opportunities; you won’t be able to fully hold onto them and lose all the traffic you’re getting eventually. 

As “Koppelman” once quoted a quote which said: “luck comes to visit, but it doesn’t come to stay.” 

7. Appearance 

Appearance is another characteristic that is common among all of the successful personal brands Having a good appearance will attract customers so pay attention to even the slightest of the details you’re reflecting subconsciously. 

Now it doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to be wearing suits all the time. Rather, you should improvise and adapt accordingly. 

Impressions leave a mark onto people for a long time, and whenever they think of you, that impression hovers their mind, so make sure you leave a good one. Being extra casual or sloppy all the time won’t do any good to you and your brand.

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