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5 Traditional Marketing Tactics You Shouldn’t Overlook



5 Traditional Marketing Tactics You Shouldn't Overlook

Our digital lives have grown tremendously in the last few years, leaving little room for our habits of the past – and yet, many still persevere in spite of this technological boom. As undeniable as it is that our world has become dominated by all things online and that digital marketing has become a vital component of every business strategy across the globe, some of those remnants of our past marketing habits remain as relevant today as they’ve been at the peak of their usage.

Too many modern brands rely solely on digital tactics when they can combine, mix, and match a variety of digital as well as offline options that will not only match their current growth rate but increase it substantially. If you are looking for ways to infuse some of these time-tested techniques into your own marketing strategy, let’s go over a few that will stay strong in 2019 and beyond.

Branded flyers and other prints

One would think that all things printed are out, and yet, one would be mistaken. The time of brick-and-mortar shopping is still going strong, especially with so many online stores popping up, and people want to restore that intimate, personal filling of handpicking a gift for someone (except on Black Friday when all hell breaks loose).

If you run a local business, especially one in a competitive industry, you will greatly benefit from handing out branded flyers, brochures, and putting up posters in your community. This is one of the best ways to raise more brand awareness, invite more people to try your product or at least spread the word on the existence of your business – and we all know how invaluable word-of-mouth marketing is!

Promotional picks and other freebies

No matter how much times have changed and how many novelties we introduce, humanity retains some of its qualities despite the digital craze, and one of them is our joy for all things free of charge. When people find themselves at a fair, a launch party, or any event for that matter, and they are handed branded promotional umbrellas, pens, or flash drives, they will remember not just the gesture, but the name and the logo on the item.

This simple human quality makes giving out promotional products one of those timeless marketing tactics that you can utilize to your advantage when you’re aiming to impress your customers. They will appreciate having an opportunity to try a sample of your product before committing, or they’ll simply enjoy the usefulness of the many things you can hand out at those events. The relevance of freebies will never fade.

Direct mail still stays strong

The past several years have been marked by an increase in utilizing email campaigns to establish more creativity and personalization. However, emails are numerous, every business uses them, and they can only be personal to a limited extent. This is where direct mail steps in to save the day, as the forerunner of this modern method, to add another layer of personalization to the mix. Nowadays, getting up-close and personal is more crucial than ever for brands to stay in the hearts and minds of their audiences.

In fact, we so rarely get to open anything other than bills, that many will consider receiving a handwritten letter a very memorable, personal event. When they see it’s from a business, they’ll appreciate the effort, even more, knowing that every company has to invest time and effort into such endeavors, no matter how minuscule they may seem. Sending a simple happy birthday card to a customer from your database can do wonders for re-kindling that fire and inspiring them to talk about your brand to others!

Networking in the digital era

Digital connections are all fine and dandy when it comes to making one-time sales, but establishing long-term bonds takes a more refined approach. Another interesting facet of human nature is our need to see and meet people in order to decide if we can trust them. Even if you cannot launch a new product every month just to get a chance for that meet-and-greet, you can stay informed on the most relevant events for your niche and visit them.

Pair this simple one-on-one with printed business cards, and you will give your brand a fair opportunity to establish meaningful connections, make a powerful impression, and inspire people to get more curious about your brand. Lectures and public speaking opportunities will also give you the chance to establish yourself as a valid authority in your industry and instill trust in people as you share valuable information with them through workshops and lectures.

In-office visits and consultations

Finally, some businesses are not as easy to “sell” like a new pair of shoes for the season. Services such as bank loans, accounting services, or insurance take a more refined approach where those one-on-one meetings can truly seal the deal. In such sensitive areas, the digital realm doesn’t stand a chance against good-old consultations inside your own office.

Remind your customers that they can always book an appointment, and encourage them to get a free estimate by your expert teams no matter the service you provide, and chances are that they’ll use the opportunity and seriously consider committing to your business.


While the digital marketing arena will continue to grow in relevance, these strategies have stood the test of time for a multitude of reasons. Use them to build a more comprehensive marketing approach, and you’ll help your business soar in this crowded market.

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.