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5 Unique ways on Advertising Your Business With a Zero Ad Cost



5 Unique ways on Advertising Your Business With a Zero Ad Cost

As an entrepreneur, when you’re not doing fairly well to make your business stay afloat, you might not really be all that eager to part with the little cash you have.

One of the many reasons that would occur or why many businesses do not really put much effort into advertising is because of the large expense associated with it.

Whether you want to adopt an online marketing strategy or an offline marketing strategy, everywhere you look, the expense is quite high.

The good news is, your own marketing strategy does not have to be very expensive.

I’m going to share with you several tactics for saving money on marketing while still ensuring that your message reaches your target audience.

Let’s dive right in.


  • Start a Blog

Regardless of the type of business you are engaged in, you should start a Blog. 

There are lots of benefits that come with starting a blog, one of which is: Generating traffic to your business website and creating a community that revolves around your business. 

It is also beneficial for your main website’s ranking on search engines as it gives you a free relevant backlink.

To get more people to relate with your business, you should post regularly on your blog, engaging, and relevant content targeting your industry and activity. 

You should encourage people to comment on your articles. And make sure you answer the questions they ask to create a true dialogue and community.


  • Offer Incentives for Referrals

Encourage customers to refer their friends to your product or service.

All you need to do to encourage your customers to refer their family and friends to try out your product or service is to provide a little money or discount to the source and recipient of the referral.

The most powerful referral incentive works in two ways;

First, you offer your current customers a token or an incentive for bringing in a new customer. 

For example, you tell your customers, “bring in a friend to try out our skincare product, and we’ll give you one package for free. 

Then secondly, you can offer a deal for the new customer too. 

For example, tell your customer, “the friend you bring will get half price on the initial purchase. 

This way your customers are extra excited to talk up the promotion to all their friends and family.


  • Use social media

Social media provides many cost-free avenues for advertising your brand, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Establishing a consistent Social media presence is easy, free, and allows you to manage your business’s community and online presence. 

By regularly posting relevant content on your pages, you should be able to gain some legitimacy and authority in your market and become an opinion leader on the subject. 

In addition, having a good social media presence could boost your customer’s service as it has become common for dissatisfied customers to address issues directly on Facebook and Twitter.

These platforms are becoming the pillars in everyone’s business marketing, as marketing is now very much digital. 

They are now almost considered necessities, at no cost to you, any lead gained from any of these platforms didn’t cost you a penny.  It is just important that you remain consistent and offer value when using them.


  • Run contests and give away gifts

Yes, everyone loves a contest! Win or lose, and it’s just a lot of fun! 

And giving away gifts is a great way to attract attention and excitement for your businesses. 

Make your content as interesting as possible, and you will get people participating, talking about it, and this enhances your brand identity.

There are different ways you can offer free gifts and drive sales. 

The most common is offering a little gift with a big product or a relatively expensive product.  This kind of promotion works with any type of business.

Or you can offer a discount on your products.

You can even team up with other brands to generate large contests with grand prizes instead of organizing small, standalone giveaways.

This gives people the chance to try your product and, at the same time, fall in love with your brand.


  • Look out for freebies

They’re not always there, but from time to time, you’ll get the opportunity to promote your business without spending any money. 

Platforms like Facebook, as well as other social media platforms, occasionally offer you a small credit to boost your posts. 

Also, don’t neglect the power of free trials; there are all sorts of excellent marketing tools out there that can help your business grow. 

And they offer a one-month free trial, which you can benefit from. 

All you have to do is sign-up for the free trial and focus all of your efforts on gaining as much as you can within that free month to prospect clients and market your business.

Other tactics that are helpful are:

  • Foster user-generated content
  • Explore online marketing tools
  • Offer special deals for new customers
  • Network in your area

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