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5 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your New Product



New Product

You have a brilliant new product that you know consumers are gonna love, but now what? Given the amount of money and effort that businesses put into new products and innovations, and the rate of failure that hounds every new entrant, creating a sound launch strategy is essential to draw attention and build traction in the market. Your product launches only once and it is certain that you want to use the launch as an opportunity to get as much traffic and attention as possible. Before you start making big sales and become a seasoned marketer, there are a number of ways you can use to get increased traffic to your newly launched product.

Off late, there are many online platforms that can help your product make the quantum leap without much effort or investment. These networks and websites are democratizing product launches allowing small start-ups with limited resources to compete with big enterprises by the merits of their innovations.

Here are the top five ways to spread a word about your new product to the right customers and gain increased traffic and sales.

1. Product Hunt Marketing

One of the most recommended ways to promote newly launched products, ProductHunt is a popular platform where users share and discover the latest technology products. Traffic on ProductHunt is massive and the community is large and active. It has recently become the go-to site for startup companies looking to announce their new product launches. You can add your product on ProductHunt and create a landing page with some exclusive offer on your launched product for members. Encourage the members to vote for your product through your website and add links to your social media profiles to communicate your product launch on all possible channels. This can help you get featured on the first page. ProductHunt platform can help you reach out to a wide audience at once and gets you honest reviews from users. Connect with people in your industry and provide value to them with some useful content while increasing traffic to your startup business and gaining traction in the community.

2. Forum Marketing

Participating in online forums can be a great way to take your business or product to the right audience. You can find forums related to your product and use the environment to market your newly launched product. Get active on the appropriate forums you have joined and develop relationships with community members before introducing your product to them. Create a keyword-optimized signature to get backlinks to your product website and increase the traction among the target group of customers. If you can manage to enter a really passionate community that seems to be the right market for your product, not only do your marketing efforts become fruitful but it proves to be a goldmine when it comes to finding early customers upon the product launch.

3. LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

There are numerous groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that welcome new pitches and ideas. Joining LinkedIn groups related to your industry connects you to a large number of potential customers at once and proves to be a great opportunity to promote your new product. You can use Facebook and LinkedIn groups to promote your product launch event as well. Discover your target audience by searching across the groups and use the groups to attract influencers and other people close to your demographic. You can create a Facebook group and include a link to your product page. Send emails inviting customers to join and use the group to help them in case they have any concerns.

4. Press Releases

Spreading out your product launch message through a press release is a great way to get more users and make people aware of your product. This is a chance for you to describe why your product is important and worth. Don’t just create any press release. It is important to check for newsworthy websites interested in posting about your product industry and communicate with the editor. Sending a release through PRWeb, Business Wire, PR Newswire or any other paid wire service can get your press release noticed by a number of journalists at once. But this would cost you. If you are on a budget, DIY press coverage is a great option.

5. Video Marketing

Video attracts, the video explains, video works. We watch a lot of videos. About 78 percent of people watch videos every week and 92 percent of mobile video viewers share videos with others. Such statistics show how videos make an opportunity for the sale of new products. You can use videos to attract traffic to your website and convert visitors into customers. With helpful information, interesting shots, appealing music and lighting, and a strategic script, you can create a promotional video that motivates viewers to try your product. Posting paid video ads on Facebook and YouTube targeting the right demographic can definitely create new opportunities for your product.

You can use different types of videos to support your product launch. If you host a launch event, you can create a video of the event to share online and let people experience it. A video introducing your new product, highlighting its benefits and telling the audience how to buy it can create a favorable atmosphere at a formal product launch. Another type of video is Teasers which prove effective at creating a buzz on social media and creating excitement among email subscribers. A short video giving a glimpse of what’s coming can increase the interest of potential customers in your product. Product demo videos also work to convince potential customers to buy the product.

Use the product launch opportunity to reach out to a lot of people and do everything to convert visitors into customers.  We have done all of these steps at CNC Machines for our product launches so they are tried and proved.

We hope these strategies help you build a following for your newly launched product. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Curt Doherty is the CEO of CNC Machines, A used CNC dealership located in Sanford Florida. CNC Machines has become one of the largest national dealers of Used CNC Lathe & Used CNC Mill. You can find out more about Curt on CNC Machines.