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6 Creative Methods to Promote Your Business



promote your business

These days, it’s crucial to be updated on the latest trends in business promotion, e.g. augmented reality shopping, efficient ads placement on social media, and outdoor promotion, among others. In fact, HubSpot has identified generating traffic and leads as a company’s top marketing challenge.

Promoting your business is essential to the success of any business. Making an impact on your customers through creative promotional executions will mean better chances for your business to be a top-of-mind choice. 

You may get as creative as you can be to make the biggest impact on your customers. Consider the following tips and ideas to get you started.


Take Advantage of Your Environment

Do you have a brick and mortar location for your business? You may want to consider hiring an artist to make a unique and creative mural. It can serve as a photo-op spot inside your store where customers can take a photo for the ‘Gram and tag your store.

The “Instagrammable” wall now serves as an attraction for customers and also helps promote your store online. Why not take it a notch higher by adding augmented reality shopping to the mix? Basically, you can play around with your environment and use it to promote your business further. 


Add a Dash of Pop Culture

Pop culture from the name alone means anything that is enjoyed by the majority of the population. Whether it’s the latest song, fashionable item, or the most-talked-about shows, you can add a dash of it when you promote your business. 

If you’re active in the digital space, you may consider trend jacking or the act of riding on an existing trend in order to gain attention for your business. One of the most notable examples is the KK #BreakTheInternet trend where everyone jumped on the conversation from brands like Nissan up to even the Democratic Party. If done right, your brand can benefit from this practice of riding a trend. 


Make it Interactive

Interactivity makes any promotion more interesting because you don’t just serve an execution to your customer; you also make them part of the experience. That is where augmented reality can be used to your advantage. 

If you own a retail store, why not consider doing augmented reality shopping? Set up some spots where there is high foot traffic and watch your virtual store come alive in people’s devices. If you consider this execution, make sure to partner with an expert augmented reality company such as ARitize to ensure optimal delivery of the experience.


Be Funny 

In the time of online virality and the drive to be trending, being funny in your promotions should be taken into consideration. According to an article from The Atlantic, funny ads get people’s attention. When it comes to promoting a business, getting people’s attention is the most crucial part. While it is vital to clearly communicate the products or services you’re trying to sell, explore doing this in a funny and creative way.

Explore ways on how to present your product in an informative yet funny way. Sustain people’s attention and help them remember you the next time they need to purchase an item. Remember that most brands are going the funny route nowadays, so look for a tonality that can be unique to your product. 


Consider Word-of-Mouth

With the advent of Social Media, customers can now use their own platforms to voice out their opinions and feedback regarding a certain product. If you make sure that your customers did enjoy the services or the products you are offering, there’s a big chance that they will tell their friends and do the advertising for you. 

It’s essential to make sure that their experience is something that will stick with them. Consider offering them a new experience such as augmented reality shopping. It’s easy, it’s something new, and it’s interactive. 


Come Up with Traditions that Excite Your Customers

Whether it’s an anniversary sale, meatless Mondays, or even plastic-free shipping on certain dates, think of creative traditions that your customers can easily and happily support. It might be more interesting if there’s a story behind the tradition, so customers can fully understand where you are coming from and support it. Be as creative as you can be but make sure that it’s still grounded to what you’re trying to sell. 

Sum up

Augmented reality has been gaining traction in the promotion of businesses. If you’re curious to find out more or if you want to learn about the different products that you can utilize for your business, consider ARitize. 

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