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6 Effective Facebook Ads for Law Firms



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If Facebook Ads frightens you a bit, then you’re not alone.

Some questions have to be asked: How much does  it cost? Will it bring profits to your law firm?

Well, the good news is, although it’s a vast and largely intimidating platform, you can utilize it to its full potential. By that, we mean that Facebook Ads is cost-effective and can generate profit for your law firm.

In this post, we’ll share with you a couple of tips to build a powerful Facebook campaign.


Leverage Single Image Ad

A single image ad lets you create six Facebook ads per set. They can be useful if you want to capture your audience’s attention by using an effective image. This is also ideal if you want to test which ad copy works well for a particular photo.

Meanwhile, selecting or editing a single image ad lets you pick different images for other platforms. That way, you can test how your ads are performing in varied placements when you pick a different image. 

As much as you can, pick a high-quality image and use minimal text. Ensure that the image also meets the recommended size.

Here are a couple of Facebook formats that you can utilize to show images in your ads:

  • Carousel: Scrollable up to 10 images and videos, links and headlines, or a call to action in a sole ad unit. 
  • Slideshow: Come up with a video-like ad with several texts, images, and sounds. 
  • Collection: A combination of images, videos, or slideshows that have product images to feature people who are browsing Facebook via mobile. 
  • Instant Experience: Come up with a full-screen experience that’s mobile-optimized which features various ad formats on Facebook such as links, texts, videos, and images. 

If you are still unsure about how to get started, it is best to have a Facebook advertising agencies list that you can contact and consult with.


Do Inbound Marketing

Facebook Ads are commonly used for outbound marketing, where the advertiser is reaching out to put their message in front of their audience. 

Meanwhile, inbound marketing works by letting customers go to you. This allows you to create relationships with your potential clients through content that’s highly relevant and valuable to them. Examples are webinars, blog posts, and lead magnets. 

One of the most common mistakes a lot of law firms make is that they focus on getting immediate clients while relying solely on Facebook ads. What they don’t know is that they’re missing out on the massive potential for their revenue to grow in the long term. 


Have Video Retargeting Funnel

You also need to retarget people who have interacted with your law firm on Facebook by giving them incentives. This is ideal when they hire your services or refer a new client. 

Remember, since you’re going to target people who engaged with your firm in the past in one way or another, then there’s a chance that these leads are warm. 

If you want to target people who have previously visited your Facebook page, come up with a custom audience based on their page engagement. Meanwhile, if you want to target people who have previously watched your videos, come up with a custom audience based on videos they viewed. 

To make your offers stand out, come up with benefit-driven videos that give a direct response. By crafting this type of content, you can better drive people to visit your site, learn more about your firm, and eventually hire your services. 


Use Exclusion to Narrow Down Specific Target

Employing exclusion tactics will help you save money in the long run by avoiding clicks from unqualified clients. By doing so, you’re able to reach more prospective leads that you can convert into lifelong clients. 

Also, use it as a tool to distinguish between clients. Your goal is to target those who have clicked and converted, and also to stop wasting money on people who have clicked but didn’t take any action even after some effort. 

Meaning, you’ll keep showing ads to Twin A, but also simultaneously removing Twin B on your marketing list. 


Do Geographic and Demographic Targeting

Just like other ad and digital marketing channels, you have the power to target your ads based on their location.

Facebook isn’t an exception to that rule. You can specifically target people who live in a particular area or recently visited a particular location. 

Also, when it comes down to attorney marketing, most law firms practice on specific jurisdictions and practices. Therefore, having these targeting options are crucial for your campaign objectives and constraints.

Aside from that, Facebook is also a platform that has so much data on its users. You can target people based on their specific demographics such as their gender, age, interests, and location.

Combine all of these and you can better target your campaigns and ads to your specific set of audience.


Utilize Lookalike Audiences

While promoting your law firm online, hopefully, you were able to build a list of email subscribers.

What you can do is to upload these emails on Facebook, and it will find the profile of the person associated with that email. Then, those profiles will go to a custom audience that you can then use to target on Facebook.

So, let’s say someone has visited your site, filled out an online form but never responded to your outreach attempts. You can use his email to reach out to him on Facebook. 

But it doesn’t just stop there. 

Facebook has a feature called “Lookalike audience” which identifies users that are very much the same with your email list. Then, what it does is to create an audience around those users that you can market to. 

This means that you can utilize Lookalike Audiences to meet hundreds, if not thousands of people, who are already quite interested in your firm.

Another great thing about lookalike audiences is that you can use it with your retargeting audiences, as well. That way, it’s easier to focus your marketing efforts on people who are more likely to respond to your ads. 


Over to You

Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s why it’s high time to put all your efforts into an effective campaign that helps draw in more clients. Also, consider these tips to build a powerful Facebook Ad campaign.