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7 Best Brand Naming Agency in India (UnboxFame)



India is a hotspot for many emerging brands aiming to establish a strong presence. When we think of a brand, the brand name and logo are among the first things that capture our attention. Branding has been an important part of brand building since time immemorial. With plenty of options available, it often becomes confusing to choose a business naming agency that will justify the money you spend for having your brand name or logo designed.

Top 7 Creative Brand Naming Companies in India

Here, in this blog, we’ll have a look at the 7 best creative brand naming agency in India that can change your branding game and give it wings:

1. UnboxFame

UnboxFame is the #1 brand naming agency in India with expertise in services such as brand naming, logo designing, website development, and digital marketing. The company follows a 360 degrees approach to ensure perfection in whatever they do. With experts in the industry, they know what it takes to launch your business in the market.

2. SGK

They hold an extensive experience in terms of branding. The company was founded in 1953 and offers services such as content management, planning, social marketing, media designing, etc. It serves businesses of all sizes. The company has a good rating and has served many prestigious clients such as Americal Express, Amazon and Air Finance, etc. SGK experts excel at providing strategies and insights that work best for their clients.


Having its base in Indore, AARTS was founded in 2015. Also known as the Aarts Creative Consultancy Private Limited, the company has a design studio in addition to its branding company where strategies and concepts are designed, and ideas executed. They do a satisfactory job in terms of offering branding-related jobs. The company has a 60-year-oldlegacy and has assisted several clients in the growth of their business.

4. Vowels Advertising

Founded in 2016, it is one of the most well-established brands with roots in Jaipur. The brand helps companies in their business decisions and helps them achieve a good rating. It offers many amazing marketing strategies and concepts backed by strong research. It has helped many companies in advertising and planning. The brand is majorly into doing advertising work for real estate companies.

5. Liquid Designs

Based in Gurgaon, the company was founded in the year 2004. Their specialization is to create logos and brand names. In addition to brand naming and logo designing, they also offer web designing services. They offer a good platform to small and mid-sized businesses to establish their business and inspire many people.

6. Argience

Headquartered in Mumbai, Argience Technologies is a well-established company founded in 2010. It offers services such as branding strategies and designs. The brand excels at offering concepts that contribute to the growth of companies. Many reputed names such as Kellogg’s, Disney and Hewlett Packard, etc. are associated with this branding company.

7. The Turtle Story

Founded in 2017, The Turtle Story is based out of Mumbai. The company has helped many small-sized businesses prosper in terms of branding. It also works towards brand awareness. The company has served many manufacturing industries too in its packaging, branding, media, and product designing.

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The significance of branding cannot be undermined. It plays a huge role in enhancing a brand’s presence, both offline and online. Therefore, hiring the right product naming agency that can perform the job well is extremely important. With this handy guide, you know which brand naming agencies to consider when thinking about your brand name.

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