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7 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing For Your Small Business



7 Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing For Your Small Business

Whenever a small business gets rolling, its primary objective is to get its first group of customers. For this, small businesses conventionally rely on traditional marketing channels like print ads, magazine ads, and newspapers. These may not be potent in today’s digitized world because they are disadvantaged compared to digital marketing. Traditional Marketing lacks timelines. It is harder to target an audience and it is quite expensive. So then, is there hope for your small business in this digital era? Yes!

For the past few decades, digital marketing has experienced tremendous growth. Everyone is focusing on marketing their products through digital channels. Whether you are a big or a small business, digital marketing can help your business to grow exponentially. It will provide a better Return of Investments (ROI). To your business’s advantage, it will generate a steady flow of target traffic that converts into leads and sales.

What then are the benefits of digital marketing to your small business?

  1. No Entry Barrier

Most of the renowned traditional marketing channels come with enormous price tags. Billboards, TV advertisements and newspaper ads are quite expensive. Only large businesses can afford to use these marketing channels.

The good news for you is that digital marketing channels are relatively cheaper. All these channels come in scalable sizes like large, medium, and small. This way, all kinds of businesses can reach their target audience.


  1. Measurable And Real-time Results

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional marketing channels is that they don’t offer a practical way to measure their results. It is impossible to estimate how many people saw your billboard or how many purchased your product as a result of watching your advertisement.

However, digital marketing channels offer robust and reliable real-time reports to measure your ad campaign results. Amazingly, you will start getting results as soon as you run your ad campaign.


  1. 24/7 Marketing 

Another most important advantage of digital marketing is that it runs around the clock. Amazing, right? That means your advertising campaigns will keep running until you pause them. Unlike traditional marketing channels, digital marketing does not have time limitations.

Furthermore, you will not need to make a lot of effort to change your ad campaigns. You can adjust them in a few clicks.

  1. Better Customer Relationship

Digital Marketing will help your business to build excellent customer relationships. To further reach your customers in the near future, you can collect their email addresses and utilize them to send coupons and offers. 

Besides that, you can likewise use social media to keep your customers hooked with your business. This way, it’s easy to build trust among your targeted audience.


  1. Real-time Customer Service

The rapid emergence of the always-connected consumer deposits new demands on marketers. It brings about expectations on the speed with which marketers should respond to expressions of interest by their consumers. Gone are the days of 48-hour response time. Consumers expect instant interactions, be it on a relevant offer or an answer to a query. They also expect the same on the ability to make quick deliveries. With digital marketing, all these come in handy.


  1. Global Customer Reach

Digital marketing provides you with a vast customer reach. There are multiple online channels that you can use to advertise your products. All these digital media platforms have various targeting options to target your potential audience. 

You can either show your ads to the global audience or target a regional audience. Using different ads, you can select the one which gives you the best reach and conversions to aim at various regions. Consequently, you will have effortlessly reached a large target group.  

  1. Specific Audience Targeting

Traditional forms of marketing once meant promoting an ad during a prime-time TV show break and crossing your fingers to reach the right people. Not so easy, right?

Fortunately, digital marketing allows for a much more specific audience targeting. Gone are the days when it was “one-size-fits-all” when it came to marketing campaigns. It is effortless and possible to become a lot more personalized. You can tailor campaigns to specific demographics, such as gender, age, nationality, and interest.



The key to staying relevant in a business is being consistent and becoming established day by day. In today’s competitive business environment, digital marketing is the only mechanism that can boost your business to stand out. To reap from the power of digital marketing, you need to adopt a more holistic approach. An efficient digital marketing strategy means tying in all digital channels. It means creating a collaborative and collective campaign. Integrating all the available platforms will go a long way towards achieving your set objectives.

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.