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8 ways to build a brand and Attract Quality Customers




Your firm’s most valuable asset is your brand. Your brand is the firm’s reputation and visibility in the marketplace.

Brand development is all about strategies to create awareness and give your brand a position or stand in the marketplace and amongst consumers. I’ve prepared a guide to help you get better at building your brand but before we go through the guide, let’s look at the popular types of brand and what they mean. 

There is a retail brand which is a mixture of product and service experience. Think retail brand, think Starbucks. The product brand is solely the experience that one has with using a particular product. Samsung is a very reasonable example. The last of them is the service brand which is built on knowledge, culture, and experience that one has with the service delivery agency, company or people. Think of 


Having looked at these popular brand types, it’s time for us to proceed to the strategies involved in brand building. 


Define and differentiate your brand 

Defining your brand is a very crucial aspect of brand building. It is easier to know your target audience when you define your brand. Being clear about your brand will help it grow faster. Defining your brand makes you know what’s important for your brand. Differentiating your brand makes it stand out from the other competitors’ brands. Customers tend to see and appreciate the greater value of your brand over competing ones in the market when they are unique.


Identify your target audience and research on them

Know that everyone can’t be your target audience. The more diverse your target audience, the more diluted your marketing efforts. You need to pick a particular group you want to be your target audience. Your focus will be on your target audience alone and that hastens brand growth. Research on your target audience because that way you’ll understand their perspectives and priorities. Things to consider when researching your target audience include:

  • Age
  • Location 
  • Gender
  • Income 
  • Education level

This strategy is very important because you want the right people consuming your product, reading your content, clicking on your ads and signing into your email list. 


Set up a mission statement 

The mission statement primarily describes your purpose for creating the brand. Frame a clear expression of what your firm is most passionate about. Your logo, tagline, voice, message & personality should reflect your mission statement. Answer people with your mission statement when they ask you what do you do? Try as much as possible to make your mission statement real and aspirational as it captures the essence of your brand. 


Create a brand name, logo, and tagline

These are not your brand but they are quick ways to communicate or symbolize your brand. It is the identity and visual recognition of the brand and will appear on anything that relates to the brand. The name, logo, and tagline should fit the brand and the positioning of the brand. It’s okay to change your brand logo so long as it still reflects the brand and doesn’t lose its position in the marketplace. 


Build a content marketing strategy & expose your brand

Content marketing is better than traditional marketing and is more efficient because content marketing increases both visibility and reputation, making the brand the brand more relevant to its target audience. Content marketing uses valuable educational content to attract, nature and qualify prospects. 

A website is the most important tool for Morden day brand building. A website alone can teach your target audience all they need to know about your brand. The brand’s website usually contains valuable content for SEO so that your target audience can find you and learn about your brand.

When building a brand, you need to create awareness of the brand. Use promotional channels like blogs, forums & social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)


Brand voice forms part of content marketing strategy and it should possess the following characteristics;

  • Authority
  • Informative
  • Professionalism
  • Conversational
  • Friendliness 

A brand voice has to be unique because it forms part of the recognition. 


Build a brand messaging strategy and brand message


The brand message had to be written in the brand voice to your target audience. Your target audience isn’t just made up of consumers alone but personal employees, referral sources, influencers, potential partnership partners and many more. Your message should address all the needs of your target audience’s different concerns. The brand message makes a direct connection with your target audience. It goes beyond the logo, tagline and mission statement. 

An email list is the best messaging strategy because it involves direct contact with your target audience. 


Research on similar brands within your industry

Research on industries with similar brands as your brand but don’t try to copy or imitate exactly what they are doing. Exactly imitating a similar brand removes the originality in your brand and may cause it to recede. Just the note of their shortcomings as well as their successes. The goal is to be different from them not to be them. Remember to also note the way they advertise & market, quality and price of products as well as a customer review on these products. 


Review your branding strategy

A brand is not static, it will either grow in strength or remain dormant or even depreciate with time. It is important to adjust or review your brand because of the challenges, events, and changes that come with time. 

Reviewing your branding strategy will help steer your brand in the right direction to ensure satisfying results. Using parameters like Google analytics or Instagram insights to check the level of engagement and awareness will definitely help you stay true to the mission statement of your brand and keep it relevant as time goes on. 



This 8-step guide will definitely help build your brand the way you want but remember that:

  • The brand-building process never stops. Consistency is key- stay true to your brand
  • No-one knows your brand better than you and your employees. Endeavor to be the biggest advocate of your brand. Spread the word!
  • The brand-building brings loyalty. 

With all these said, I’m sure you consider your self as an expert as regards brand building. Try out these steps to master the art. Feel free to contact me on my email if you feel I left anything out or give me reviews on this guide. 


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