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9 Low Budget Marketing Ideas for Your Online Store



9 Low Budget Marketing Ideas for Your Online Store

The most important question asked by the owners of the newly created online stores is “How can I implement my marketing strategy in a limited budget?”. And this is not surprising since the creation of a high-quality website of an online store is already a significant investment, which, as a rule, almost completely nullifies the wallets of their owners.

However, there is good news – you do not need to spend even more than you invested to get the first marketing result. In this article, we talk about how to do this.

Exchange with a Micro-Influencer

Modern users tend to trust real people more than noisy advertising, which is only annoying, especially when it is not targeted. Therefore, this is a good way to present your product on behalf of a person who has a wide audience and is respected. In the language of social networks, these people are influencers.

However, there is also a pitfall. The cost of cooperation with the influencer starts at $10 per 1000 subscribers. It is logical that the larger the audience, the higher the price of such a recommendation. Therefore, if your budget is limited, it does not make sense to chase the most popular and expensive influencers. It is much more reasonable to find a micro-influencer, whose target audience is maximally matching the portrait of your average customer.

Firstly, the price of such advertising will be lower, and secondly, all interested users will be as targeted as possible. And the most profitable option is to negotiate with an influencer and give him or her your product in exchange for an advertising post. Plus, if he or she likes your product, the influencer himself will want to talk about it in the following posts.

Run a Сontest

One of the common characteristics of all buyers on the planet is the desire to get something for free. At the same time, this “something” should be useful, beautiful, applicable and solve the user’s problem. Therefore, it makes sense to launch a contest on social networks and ask your subscribers to tag their friends to participate. Choose your best sellers as prizes and then the audience will be much more active and involved.

Send Emails for Free

Email marketing is not dead, although this form of communication is gradually beginning to be supplanted by social networks and chatbots. Taking this trend into account, it does not make sense to use expensive services. Moreover, your budget already has a strict framework. Therefore, make a list of situations when you really need email marketing (for example, to announce a promotion or tell about the arrival of new products) and use free mailing apps to notify your customers about it. Even despite the free features, in most cases, you can customize letters, create trigger chains, track behavioural factors and analyze the performance data of your newsletters.

Develop a Selling Product Description

Many entrepreneurs think that the product description is a dry set of characteristics, as well as photos from different angles. But in fact, it is also a powerful marketing tool, if you know how to use it. Of course, in any case, you need to specify the technical specifications of the product in the description. For example, you cannot sell a backpack for mountain hikes unless you specify what material it is made of, what size, weight, and capacity it has. 

However, the main trick is how to present these characteristics to your customers. Each of them solves a specific problem of the client, so try to describe each product feature not as a feature, but as a way to solve a specific problem.

Plus, it is necessary to make your product description structured, add lists and headings, and you can also include a list of frequently asked questions about the product directly on the page with its description.

Besides, if you add a video about how the product looks in real life, or even better, create training material on how to use it, buyers will make decisions much faster, as they will immediately receive answers to all their questions and confidence in the product in action.

Use Google for Retail

Its essence is that after all the technical procedures established by Google, you get the opportunity to display your products under the search bar. That is when a user writes a shopping request like – buy red shoes, then he immediately sees the current offers with prices from several retailers. He no longer needs to browse each site to find the best deal or the best quality.

This greatly saves users time and speeds up the decision-making process, and also, can attract additional traffic to your site. Even if the user decides so far to refuse the purchase, then the behavioural factors and the duration of the user’s stay on the site are still taken into account by Google.

Launch a Referral Program

The essence of this idea is to share part of your profit with someone who will attract new customers to you. As you know, attracting new customers is usually the most expensive item of the entire marketing strategy, so it makes sense to save money without losing efficiency. Many websites and blog owners also want to make money on affiliate products. All that remains for you is to find these people and offer them cooperation.

Develop an Effective Lead Form

And since we’ve started talking about attracting new customers, here’s another clue. To get new contact details, you need to develop an attractive lead form. The essence of the lead form is that you offer your new subscribers something for free – it can be a discount on the first purchase or free delivery. Valuable content can also work as a lead magnet. For example, you can create a guide on how to choose clothes on the Internet so as not to be mistaken with the material, style, and size and reduce the number of returns.

Ask Your Customers to Write Feedback

One of the paradoxes is that people, besides being prone to trusting influencers, are also prone to trusting strangers as well by reading their reviews before buying. However, here all your reviews must be reliable. Never create fake ones – 84% of people trust reviews, while 20% of them are fake. Therefore, it is better to get fewer reviews, but at the same time, they will all be honest and objective.

Besides, users have already learned to distinguish truthful reviews from those written to order, there are even special applications for this. Therefore, if your fraud is revealed, it will be a blow to your reputation.


As you can see, most of these options are free or require minimal investment. Forget the mountains of financial reporting – here you can borrow money in a few clicks without having to reveal your strategies.


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