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9 Tips to Collaborate With Travel Influencers




Influencer marketing is one of the rising trends in the marketing world right now. The prospect looks promising and straightforward: you get some influencers to work with your brand, and the results will come in. But is it really that simple, and how can you make it work for your business? How influencer marketing plays out will be different depending on your customers and your industry. This will affect your definition of an influencer, the channels, the type of content and format. A content marketing influencer will be very much different from a travel influencer, so the kind of collaboration and your approach will be different. Here are some tips for travel brands who want to tap into this.

Know who your audience is

This is the basics of any marketing activity you do, and influencer marketing is no exception. Your target audience will help you define who your influencers are. Someone with a hundred thousand followers will not add lots of value to your business if his/her followers don’t relate to your brand. Hence, regardless of what you do, always make sure that you define your target audience well.

Go for engagement rate

Don’t be overwhelmed when you see an influencer with a hundred thousand followers. Instead, check out the engagement rate to make sure that their followers are real and engaged. Many people buy fake followers to have an impressive number. However, when you take a closer look, you can easily see that the engagement rate is abnormally low. Comments are scarce and often don’t make lots of sense. If you take an even closer look, you will find that these accounts have no profile pictures, posts or friends.

Ask for more information

Experienced influencers will always have information prepared for you. They will be open to sharing about their followers and relevant statistics. This will help you determine their audience is the right market for your company. For, I always ask for more details about the age, gender and location of the followers to make sure they align with our customer profiles.

Choose the right channel

As the experts say, “go to where your audience is.” However, there are so many channels nowadays so you will need to prioritize. Each influencer has his/her own choice of channels. Some focus on Instagram while others are more active on Twitter, Facebook or blogs. If you are actively present on all social channels, then congratulations, you don’t have to limit your options. However, most of the time, we only have the resources to focus on a number of channels. If that’s the case, you need to work with the influencers who are active on the same ones as yours. One of the results of influencer marketing is that you will get more followers. But this will be wasted if you are not active on that channel.

Be open to discussion

A good influencer will know what kind of content and format will work best for his/her audience. While you may have your own agenda to push, be sure to discuss with them and find out the best ways to achieve your objectives.

Define goals and set the right expectation

For travel brands, results don’t come pouring in just because you collaborate with an influencer, for one simple reason: people don’t travel all the time. Although there are collaborations that will give you immediate returns, that only happens if you target the right people at the right time. For many others, it’s very much a long-term game where you try to build awareness, improve brand retention and recall, and finally influence the behavior. For us, results can take months to come.

Have a contract

A contract will make the collaboration official and ensure that both parties carry out their part of the deal. This is an assurance that benefits both the brand and the influencer, especially when you have not worked together before.

Measure and evaluate

At the end of the collaboration, you can ask the influencer to send you a report on the reach and engagement. At the end of the day, you need to know what sort of return you get and whether this is a good strategy to follow or not.

Follow up and build the relationship

The success of the campaign relies a lot on your relationship with the influencers. You don’t want them to have a bad impression of the brand. Do spend time on understanding your influencers and make sure that they know the brand as well. After the collaboration, follow up and say thanks. They will appreciate that.


Khanh oversees marketing executions at, the leading villa booking platform in Asia, with more than 1,000 villas in Bali, Sri Lanka, Phuket, Samui and Mauritius. She is in charge of content, email to social media and influencer marketing of the company.