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Alex McCurry: The 19-Year-Old King Of Instagram



The way the internet has evolved over the last decade has allowed an array of digital creators and influencers to make their marks in the social media world. In 2019, one platform has delineated itself as the most impactful and widespread of them all, Instagram. We have seen countless users create a name for themselves and expand their digital brands through their strategic use of this platform. Names like Gary Vaynerchuk, Kylie Jenner, and Ryan Garcia are just a few that come to mind. 

But beyond these personal pages, there have been a wide variety of users who have managed to build an impressive following on Instagram without putting their personal content at the forefront of it all. Someone all too familiar with being a behind-the-scenes social media star is Alex McCurry. With a combined Instagram network of over 500 million followers, Alex’s pages accrue billions of impressions every single week. All of this is without ever having to share a moment of his personal life with his followers. He told us, “What’s so unique about Instagram that has never been a thing in the past is the capability to build a celebrity-like following without ever showing your face.” And that’s exactly what Alex has managed to do. Alex’s pages curate content from around the internet in order to cultivate niche-specific followings on non-branded profiles. His network includes popular accounts in a variety of categories like travel, comedy, relationships, sports, cars, and more. Some of the bigger accounts include @goal.s (3.1M), @factvsmyth (1.3M), @suurgery (1.7M) and more. 

With this massive following at his disposal, Alex has shifted his attention away from building his own pages and in the direction of helping clients grow by funnelling them traffic from the enormous network he has garnered. Now operating himself as a full-service digital brand-builder, Alex has helped companies, startups, and high profile individuals alike build their digital presence through his use of social media. He shared with us, “I’m no longer focused on building the largest Instagram accounts or getting the most followers on my pages. The majority of my focus now is spent on working with different companies and individuals on how I can help grow their digital brands.”

At just 19, Alex has managed to work with everyone from public companies, to VPs of Fortune 50 companies, to celebrities, to startups, to major influencers, and many more. Through his various branding tactics, Alex has helped peak performers properly frame and their brands and help them connect with millions of people. 

Alex has certainly accomplished an impressive amount at such a young age and it will be interesting to see what is to come for him in the future. Whether it be crafting the next viral meme or helping fortune 500’s properly frame their brands to the next generation of consumers, it is certain that Alex McCurry will be making strides in the years to come.



Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine