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Best Practices for Creating Effective Google Ads Campaigns



Google Ads Campaigns

Google is not just the most popular search engine in this world, but it is also one of the best places to advertise online. According to Statista, Google has around 2.9 million unique monthly visitors and 5 billion daily interactions worldwide. Considering this figure, it is vital to ensure that your Google ads perform well.

But are you worried how you can do so? Wait, do not worry now. We have come up with this guide. By the time you are done reading this, you’ll be perfectly aware of the ways how you can make your Google adwords Dubai campaign successful.

Let’s first have a brief discussion about the Google Ad campaign.

What Is a Google Ad Campaign?

A Google Ads campaign is the most valuable digital marketing tactic used by marketing agencies that helps drive traffic to your site. It can assist you in generating more leads and sales. Also, you can find more customers and prospects by having successful Google ads campaigns.

However, making well-timed advertisements for your target audience isn’t that easy. And without using the right strategies, you can waste a lot of your hard-earned money. But don’t worry!

In this blog, we are going to explore the best practices for creating effective Google ad campaigns. Also, you will get to know how to avoid the most common digital marketing mistakes made by many marketing agents.

6 Best Strategies for Creating Effective Ad Campaigns

Creating effective Google Ad campaigns can seem daunting and complex. But with the right strategies, you can make your ad campaigns successful. Let’s look at the six best practices for creating effective Google Ads.

  • Optimise Keyword Targeting Strategy

At the time of implementing your Google Ad campaign, make sure to include all the keyword targeting types in your overall strategy to get the best results. An ideal keyword targeting strategy must include the following things:

  • Broad Match keywords

The algorithm of Google is so powerful that it displays your advertisement when a “similar keyword” or phrase is used. However, there is a high chance of attracting irrelevant traffic to your site. You must ideally bid the lowest amount for the broad match keywords.

  • Phrase Match Keywords

Google shows your advertisement when a user types a “specific phrase” for which your advertisement is optimized. This gives you more control over who sees your advertisement. For this, you should bid the highest amount than the broad match keywords.

  • Exact Match

Google displays your advertisement only when the user types the “exact keyword,” giving you maximum control over who sees your ad. If possible, try to bid the highest you can for the exact match keywords.

One thing that you must keep in mind is to keep the advertisement groups separate according to the type of keyword. This will ensure that your campaign stays well organized.

A powerful digital marketing agency can assist you in creating the keyword targeting strategy. Plus, they can help you in optimizing your Google ad campaigns. There are many experienced digital marketing agencies like Tidal Digital that can help in making Google Ads campaign a success.

  • Create a Powerful Selling Proposition

Having a unique and clear selling proposition is the key to achieving the best results from your Google Ads campaign. The customers should know that they have to pick you over your competition. That’s why you need to have a powerful USP (unique value proposition).

Some advantages of creating a powerful USP consist of the following:

  • A powerful USP generates more leads and keeps away unwanted leads. 
  • It boosts the lead conversion rate.
  • Also, it can lessen the time consumers spend on price comparisons, most especially if you are providing something valuable and unique.

The perfect way of creating a powerful USP is by understanding your customers deeply so that you can solve their pain points and give them what they want.

When you keep a keen eye on the shopping behavior and patterns of your customers, then you are positioned perfectly to create something that adds more value to their requirements.

  • Improve Your Call to Action

CTA or call to action for PPC agency Dubai has great importance because generally, visitors don’t purchase at first contact.

To convert them into a customer, you need to make some effort and convince them that your site has the best service or product they’re looking for.

The perfect way to handle this issue is to recognize which service or product is highly appreciated by the users instead of redirecting them to all that’s available at the moment.

Here are some important strategies to improve the Call To Action:

  • To make the ads more compelling, try adding active verbs in your pay-per-click ads.
  • Before writing the ad copy, try to understand your audience fully.
  • Carry out A/B testing.
  • Target on adding high-performance keywords in your Google ads.
  • Increase the Character Count

Google ads have very rigid character limits for every element. So, make sure to use them wisely by including as many characters as possible. This can be up to 30 characters for each headline and 90 characters for each description.

Make different versions of every element so that Google ads can get different combinations and provide the winning options often.

  • Set up Conversion Tracking

If you wish to drive calls, leads, sales, or website visits, you need to monitor what happens when a user makes an interaction with your advertisement.

Before launching an ad campaign, set up conversion tracking of your Google ads. This way, you can gauge and optimize the results easily and accurately.

  • Find Out Your Focus Audience

Your focus audience is the most important element of your  Google Ad campaign. You need to understand who are meant to see your advertisements.

Your advertisements should be structured in a way that appeals to your focus audience. That’s why you need to figure out who your focus audience is.

To find out your target audience, think about your ideal customers. Most marketing agencies make personas where they make various kinds of people in their focus audience. They make use of these personas to structure different campaigns that appeal to these kinds of people.

When you think of your customers, who are they? What do they do? When do they come online? How do they conduct searches online? And what are they looking for exactly?

These are some of the most significant questions you must ask yourself to determine your target audience. When you find out who your target audience is, you can design better and more successful ad campaigns for them.


We hope that this blog has offered you the deepest insights about the best Google Ad practices in 2023. Follow these tips to create an appealing and effective advertisement campaign. Also, don’t forget to keep on experimenting with new strategies and tactics that can help you get the most out of your PPC campaigns.