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3 Confirmed Strategies to Increase Soundcloud Plays



SoundCloud Likes

You are an artist, so you have to market your music. Now, the question is how to promote your music on Soundcloud to increase SoundCloud Likes and plays. Undoubtedly, SoundCloud has introduced various changes in the last couple of years.

Now the homepage of SoundCloud is no more streaming. It means, your followers cannot explore your music if you don’t promote it appropriately. It is essential to unlocking hidden marketing strategies in 2023 to market your plays.

Why do you need more SoundCloud plays?

First, ask yourself why you need SoundCloud. You require it for more count plays so that more people will listen to your music.

Whether you have 10 SoundCloud likes or 10,000, it cannot help you to grow your music career.

The subscribers and plays are not simple things that you can get anywhere. You want them to stand out in the music world among other competitors.

Thus, SoundCloud is the best platform to collaborate with other renowned musicians. So, focus on proven strategies that are real game changers for increasing plays on your profile.

Proven strategies to drive traffic on SoundCloud

Fortunately, there are confirmed strategies to promote your music in the music industry. With these strategies, you will increase SoundCloud likes and plays on your account.

  • Create decent music

Undoubtedly, crap music is also promoted. But it cannot survive because the audience rejects it soon. If you have average music, it doesn’t matter how invested in marketing because no one will listen to your music.

And of course, you cannot collect plays on SoundCloud. While promoting your music, keep remembering that your soundtracks are marketing.

When you promote decent music, it will also integrate with the promotional process. Why do people buy those products if they don’t require or have the best replacement in the market?

Thus, people will listen to and promote if it has incredible effects on their ears and will reject raw music. 

It is particularly correct for SoundCloud, where there is no barrier to uploading music. You will come across horrible music is also uploaded on SoundCloud. But listeners don’t attract to this music and automatically discard it.

Unfortunately, many producers and artists frequently misjudge the music quality. Should you upload your music if it is not 100% decent?

Well, this is debatable because the risk level is lower on SoundCloud. Besides, removing recordings is as simple as a single click on SoundCloud.

Furthermore, the audience is the best judge if you want to get feedback for your music. They can rate your music and assess what play will work and what not. Therefore, promoting online music is vital because you get feedback to improve your music with time.

How can you create better music? 

It is a different scenario, but we can help to produce the best music. To construct your soundtrack, consider the following elements.

  • Ensure you have solid music ideas. Otherwise, recording, editing, and finishing will be irrelevant.
  • Don’t forget to get feedback from musicians, listeners, and other singers.
  • Make patience and take enough time to create the finest music for more SoundCloud plays.
  • Take advantage of the current audience

This strategy is valid for all social media platforms and SoundCloud as well. Many people are best at marketing music, and so you should be. And even many users spend their entire lives exploring the best music and sharing it with an audience. 

Explore different networks on SoundCloud that will help to share your iconic music with their audience. There are a lot of promotional channels that can do great help you. You can buy Vimeo Likes to promote your music if add here your SoundCloud link.

But don’t forget your offsite traffic because listeners are everywhere. However, offsite traffic is not in mass quantity on SoundCloud. It doesn’t mean that YouTubers and bloggers cannot give you plays. So, utilize;

  • YouTube channels
  • Blogs
  • Spotify playlist
  • Radio stations
  • Influencers

The primary thing is you need to explore channels that suit fit your music. Avoid sending a direct message to any creator with a massive fan following.

They already have particular music niches and tastes. Therefore, listen to their previous plays and decide whether you should share your music or not. 

But it doesn’t mean to scare if they don’t have the right music you expect. But if they have different music niches, you can try them for your music. Once you find who to share your music with, you can further assess other procedures.

  • Consider Email platform

What is the way to send your message to another one? Confirm the following points:

  • Make sure the recipient has received it
  • Get a place frequently check them
  • Clear and simple
  • Avoid platform that has a short lifespan

All concerning points have one answer, and that is Email marketing. However, it is old but an ideal platform. So, how can you relate an email to SoundCloud?

Email for business networking

Nowadays, everyone makes emails whether they promote channels, music fans, artists, or repost channels. So, this is an authentic way to communicate whether they are on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. 

You can send them mail because email marketing works. It is not suggesting that you don’t use social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But how to write the best text for email that can compel them to read your text?

Let’s make it easier for you. Create an email list of all relevant people to who you need to send your music. Excel or Google sheet is excellent for creating a list. Follow these simple hacks while sending emails to required people.

  • Be precise because the receiver is probably already short time, so get straight to the point quickly.
  • Send your SoundCloud link because it is easy to listen to and downloadable.
  • Be communicative because sending your link is not enough, and you should treat them as they expect.
  • Mostly, ‘CC’ing doesn’t handle an extensive list, so send them personal messages. While sending private messages means reminding them about your SoundCloud link.
  • Never ignore follow-up because sometimes people can’t do things the first time. So, follow up once or twice weak if you cannot receive a reply from them.


Every person needs an easy road, but it is not always worthwhile. Thus, promoting and advertising strategies are also significant when you create music on SoundCloud. Remember, plays are not only considerable because you need heavy investment to market your soundtracks.