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Critical SEO Ranking Factors For Every Business



Critical SEO Ranking Factors For Every Business

SEO is a truly dynamic landscape. SEO requirements or needs keep on changing and it could be pretty challenging to keep abreast with all the latest developments. However, if you are thinking of driving more traffic to your site, you need to know about everything happening around you. You simply cannot forget that you could easily drive more traffic to your site provided your website is well-optimized to attract more traffic over a period of time. This implies more leads, conversions or sales.

As per, “there’s no denying it: The biggest brands have monopolies on the best search queries. No matter your industry, there are bound to be a few Coca-Colas or Apples dominating your most coveted search engine result pages (SERPs). And there’s a good reason to be concerned. The first page of Google captures the vast majority of all search traffic clicks.”

Without perfect search engine optimization, searchers would not be able to spot your website and all your dedicated efforts would go to total waste. Let us explore some of the most critical search engine optimization ranking factors.


What Do You Mean by SEO Ranking?

SEO ranking actually implies your website content’s position on the SERP or the Search Engine Results Page. If you grab the #1 position or first ranking it implies that when searchers are looking for a specific relevant term, your page would be demonstrated right on top of the results page. It would grab immediate attention since it would be the first result. We know that if your web page features in any one of the top three results on a search, it would be great as nearly 50 percent of the clicks go to the top few.

An Accessible & Secure Website

One of the crucial ranking factors would be the perfect type of URL particularly that type of URL which could be reached and crawled easily by Google’s bots. It should be easy for Google to visit your URL and examine your web page content in order to understand precisely what your page is all about. For assisting the bots, you must have:

  • A sitemap that should be listing all your web pages. Suppose you are using a WordPress site, you may consider setting up a sitemap through Yoast SEO. You may consider using an effective online sitemap generator if you do not have a WordPress website.
  • A robots.txt file that would promptly tell Google where to find your site information.


Page Speed

Page speed is regarded as an important SEO ranking factor. Google wants to make sure that the users get excellent experience while using the web and it feels that fast-loading pages would help to fulfill that aim.

Google had announced recently a particular SEO algorithm update that focused primarily on the loading speed of mobile page which has been impacting websites from July 2018. Your site would be penalized by Google if it fails to load quickly on mobile devices. You may consider using a mobile testing tool from Google to examine how well your site responds to this challenge. You may seek assistance from a reputed SEO company such as for perfect SEO solutions.


Mobile-Friendly or Not

Mobile-friendliness is supposed to be an important factor for SEO ranking. Today more people are using mobile devices as compared to the desktops for accessing the web. That is precisely the reason why Google has made certain modifications in the way it ranks search results. Google’s mobile-first index seems to be a reality today. It implies that Google would be drawing its results, first of all, from mobile-optimized websites instead of websites that are geared towards desktop computers. Your site must be mobile optimized if you wish to enjoy a competitive edge.

Things to Examine and Include:

  • Is your site responsive meaning does it automatically resize for fitting the device?
  • Are you using large fonts to ensure easy readability particularly on a relatively small screen of mobile devices?
  • Are you ensuring easy navigability and accessibility including making it easier to tap menus?
  • Are you making sure that your site’s content is not concealed by interstitial ads?


Keep the above-discussed ranking factors in mind. Even though Google is not quite open about the factors that would impact the SEO rankings of your website, digital marketing experts have understood that there are many other important ranking factors apart from the ones discussed above.

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