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Customers Don’t Buy Products And Services, They Buy Stories



Customers Don’t Buy Products And Services, They Buy Stories

After the COVID 19 economic breakdown and some more recent incidents, it’s clear that the Future belongs to Entrepreneurship.

New ideas, innovations, entrepreneurs are going to shine in the upcoming years. And, because of the digital revolution, it’s not just about opening a company and starting a business. It’s about becoming the master of an industry, to make a personal brand, to connect with the audience. That’s why branding and marketing are important more than ever. Nowadays, people are making videos, podcasts, graphics, what not to get their place in this digital field. But, have you ever thought that, in between all these creators, brands, who is going to win in the online world? Or, what is that most important thing, which can help you to stand out from the crowd, to make your personal brand? My friends that one thing which is Storytelling.


Storytelling Helps You

To connect with the audience, to increase your brand awareness, to make people understand your mission and vision, and why they should buy your products. Plus, to create long term brand loyalty and an impressive image in the market. For example, there are many popular ads, which shows how a guy wins a competition with the help of any cold drink, or how this product is the most suggested by mothers and doctors. All these are strategies to make a place in our hearts, to show us that these products are beneficial and the reasons for us to trust them. And it’s one of the biggest reasons for the success of these brands. Now…

Note: Social media influencing and ads are great sources to convey your stories, but there are two issues with them.

Becoming an influencer takes time, and Ads are a little bit costly and require the best strategy to use them, which most of us don’t have.


So, what is the best way to use storytelling?

It is Press Releases. Yes, PRs are very effective when it comes to marketing and branding. And with the help of them, you can even make a Million-Dollar Business. To know how press releases are so effective and how can you use them, let’s move on to the….


Benefits of Press Releases

1.  You can reach out to a lot of readers in very less time

As, the press releases already have a large number of readers and followers, so it makes, very easy for you to reach out to them. And to tell them: Who you are, How you can help them, Your story, your mission, vision, etc. Most importantly, when you use the storytelling strategy through PRs. Then, it can create a big impact on the audience, by motivating them, driving them in the world of their beautiful memories. Through this, they will always remember you and will tell other people also about you. So, a press release is an amazing way to connect with the audience.

2. You can increase your brand awareness very effectively

If you are launching a new product or updating the previous ones, then PRs are your best friend in it. With their help, you can create a hype in the market even before launching your product, tell people about your new product, It’s benefits, uniqueness, and how it can make their life easier. And by combining the backside stories and the topmost problem-solving qualities of your product. You can get amazing success in your business. Plus, press releases are less costly in comparison to other ways of marketing. And through them…

3. You can get good investors as well

Most of the investors follow the PRs regularly. And the chances of them getting to know about you are very high. So, always keep in mind that someone special is watching you through your PRs, and that person can even change your life.


4. Gives A Big Competitive Advantage

Time to time PRs with specific purposes can definitely give you an edge from the competitors. You just need to make more and more people aware of you,  your brand, your stories while making a connection with them. And then, see the awesome growth. So, use the art of storytelling with the power of Press releases, and become The Best In Your Field.

Vishal Jain is a serial entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful businesses in the fields of marketing, e-commerce, design, manufacturing, and more. He is known as one of the best branding and marketing experts in the world. He is the co-founder and CEO of Sunshy Digital Media Agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes. He is also the co-founder of Sunshy Jewels a social startup that sells high-end handmade jewelry and shares its profits with the Indian artisans. He is co-founder of Sunshy Enterprises which specializes in manufacturing and supplying all kinds of Industrial items. He also owns a Social media marketing agency Realstagram which helps clients build their influence and generate sales through social media.