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Effective Ways to Come Up with Amazing SMS Marketing Campaigns for Your Business



Effective Ways to Come Up with Amazing SMS Marketing Campaigns for Your Business

The marketing world is a dynamic one that is constantly developing, changing and even adapting. Therefore, it is of critical importance for all sorts of businesses whether big or small to stay abreast with the latest trends and developments and welcome fresh and novel channels, platforms, techniques and strategies for attracting brand new customers and keeping loyal customers happy and engaged. In this context, we must admit that SMS despite being almost 26 years old is still a robust platform for marketing your brand and it is still quite relevant to marketing scenario in 2019. 


Why Opt for SMS?

SMS or text messages are directly sent to prospective customers via mobile phones. Hence, they are supposed to be personal, customizable, and could be delivered instantaneously within just a few seconds. Moreover, SMS marketing has a phenomenal average open rate of 99 percent. Furthermore, 97 percent of the text messages are actually read within just 15 minutes of SMS delivery. Hence, it is quite natural for most of the marketers to consider SMS marketing as integral and critical to their business success.

If statistics were to be believed American adults received and sent 32 SMS on an average daily and that amounts to 18 billion SMS every single day, 6.5 trillion SMS every year and 541 billion SMS every month. These figures are expected to go up in the following few years. These statistics prove that text messaging is very much in vogue and is incredibly popular. Moreover, the toll free SMS service providers are making this form of marketing even more popular.

A business owner who is into digital marketing must necessarily use texting for reaching your target audience irrespective of the specific industry you are in. However, before shooting your first professional marketing message, it is best to do it perfectly. You must examine and eliminate all loopholes. Here are some of the basic but effective ways of doing your SMS marketing campaign just right.


You Must Clearly Know & Define Your SMS Goal

It is important to know your business’s specific objectives while setting up a text marketing campaign. It is of crucial importance to determine your precise goals and aspirations. Are you thinking of boosting your sales or are you planning to engage consumers so that they could see the Facebook live event of your business? Or are you trying to convince people to actually sign up for a specific product demo? Irrespective of your goal, you must focus on one particular goal or objective for every campaign. Never confuse your prospective customers and current customers. You must be focused at all times and keep a steady focus. It would help in making your endeavors much easier and enhance your outcomes.

Your goals must be attainable and focused. You must set SMART goals. This certainly is an acronym which would be standing for ‘Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, & Time-bound.’


Seek Permission for Sending Text Messages

This is one of the most crucial SMS marketing fundamentals. As a business, you must seek formal permission before sending marketing text messages. If you do not bother to ask for permission before sending a business text message, you would be breaking the existing law. As per, sending unwanted SMS messages to your prospective consumers is a serious mistake that many SMS marketers commit. There are regulations since 2013 that need to be followed before you start texting messages to your potential clients. 

Commercial SMS today, must necessarily garner opt-in consent initially just like emails and even an ‘unsubscribe’ option. You must keep in mind that sincere and shrewd marketers know and understand well the power and necessity of permission-based marketing irrespective of using text messages, sending emails, or even making phone calls.


Keep in Mind that Less Is More

Once you obtain people’s permission to send them SMS, you must start thinking about chalking out your SMS marketing strategy for boosting your business. It could be pretty tempting to shoot multiple text messages every day since you have now successfully established a direct line of interaction and communication with your potential customers or interested prospects. However, it could be a huge blunder if you overdo on this count. Do not ever bombard your prospective clients’ inboxes with messages mindlessly. 

Always remember that in the case of SMS marketing less is always more. Every business seems to be differing from one another. Some businesses may text messages to clients every single day just for two consecutive weeks while there are other businesses that send messages just once every week. You need to figure out actually what would work best for your kind of business. But never forget to follow the underlying principle that ‘less is more’.


Effectively Segment Your Recipients

Segmentation would let you split your target audience into precise groups as per specific interests and needs. This way, you could successfully come up with diverse contact lists based on important factors like gender, geography, interests, and age. You could consider asking the subscribers how often they would like to be contacted, what sort of information or offers they would be interested in receiving. This is a fantastic approach adopted by various businesses for making sure that they are shooting the most relevant text messages to their target audience.


Timing of Your Text Messages Is Crucial

For successful SMS marketing campaigns, it is important to make sure that the timing is right. Your ultimate goal is to boost engagement. You would like prospective customers to click your links, ask questions, or visit your store. Such engagements would culminate in enhanced sales. You should, therefore, target your prospective customers at the right time. You need to know about your specific target market. Find out their daily schedule. Do your homework. You must know when they would be using their mobile phones and precisely what time they would be seeing your messages to initiate some action. Usually, the best time would be during business hours stretching from 9 am to 4 pm. We know that during this period, people generally check their mobile phones and would be seeing your text messages too.


Create Urgency in Your Messages

Once you are intending to sell your products or services, you must give everyone a solid reason to act quickly on your offer. You have to create a sense of urgency. You must set a deadline in your message so that your prospective customers swing swiftly into action. This could be achieved by saying things such as ‘only a few pieces left’, or ‘ends today’ etc. Your objective is to create a sense of urgency for people to make the buying decision and freeze the deal. This would immensely enhance your conversion rates.



You must follow the above-mentioned tips to ultimately emerge as the winner. When you are running a digital marketing campaign for your business, you must necessarily analyze your outcomes or results. Use valuable analytics and review the information, understand it, and take the fullest advantage of it. You must necessarily examine your engagement rates and analyze your CTRs for achieving your business goals.

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