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Elijiah Pitman’s Top 4 Pieces of Advice for Upcoming CMOs.



Elijiah Pitman’s Top 4 Pieces of Advice for Upcoming CMOs.

Despite being a young business personality, Pitman has shown his prowess into the vast world of social media, in a short period of time.

The more we speak of how the world is getting revolutionized with the digital era and the use of the online mediums in almost all businesses across industries, and the way the social media has a major role to play in the same, further developing the digital space for the betterment of many companies, brands, entrepreneurs and the like, the less we feel is spoken about it. This is primarily because the onset of the digital era has brought along some of the best and the most significant changes that were the need of the hour, giving a chance to many youngsters as well to display their talents in the same and rise above many others in the industries with their newness and innovativeness. Many from the younger generation have come forward to take the sector of social media to much greater heights with putting in their unremitting efforts in social media marketing and helping people, brands and businesses taste success like never before. One such youngster who is slowly and steadily making his mark into the same as a dynamic entrepreneur is Elijiah Pitman from Brisbane, Australia.

Pitman is a modern and creative social media marketer and entrepreneur, who is a very short period of time has proved his mettle into the industry. Today, he is the founder and CEO of CloutMedia and popular Instagram page, @funnysgod. He has helped his clients reach maximum audiences on social media and helped them to increase their engagement across the same.

Today, he suggests top 4 useful tips for upcoming CMOs for growing the followings and readership.

1. Know your strengths and weaknesses:

CMOs are increasingly becoming responsible for the company for the various decisions they can take for building and developing the brand. Hence, Pitman suggests that CMOs must make two lists – one about their strengths and the other about their weaknesses. After recognizing which of the skills and characteristics can be used, they can sharpen the same and work more on them. Using the strengths in the right way can help them further their career. And, when it comes to weaknesses, they can decide whether they can work on the same or outsource them.

2. Invest in self-education; constantly invest in yourself:

People, who reach a certain position in their career, often feel that they have ‘arrived’. Well, this attitude could prove to be detrimental in one’s growth, says Pitman. As an individual, one must never stop learning and keep growing by gaining knowledge or new information each day. Pitman believes that continuous education is vital for the overall growth of an individual. Also, he says that self-education means different to different people, whether it is watching YouTube tutorials or learning a new language, one must learn to make it helpful for their career.


Know your role and purpose well:

For any brand or company to grow, as an individual and as a CMO, one must know their job and also understand the purpose behind the same that they must achieve. Even if people are starting with a few hundred followers, they can position themselves for harnessing more success. Pitman also points out a note from Dan Zarrella’s The Social Media Marketing Book, which says, “social media is a big equalizer: big brands can be outsmarted without making big investments, and small brands can make big names for themselves”.


Trends and social environments are your marketing friends:

The trends in the vast world of social media can keep changing and can also keep varying depending on who is talking about it and what the subject is about. Individuals can always use some viral content to their advantages like a comment, a video or an account. Staying in touch with the trends of social media is of extreme importance, which would likely change on a weekly or even a daily basis. Individuals would require to continually research and read on social media for increasing the followers and reach.

It is essential to reinvest most of the resources in themselves, says Pitman. It takes a lot of relentless efforts, individuality, tenacity, diligence and patience to keep growing themselves in the competitive space. Lastly, Pitman also advises that individuals must also always trust their instincts and read every day about their business and passion.


Elijiah Pitman’s account on social media has combined followers of more than 3 million. To thrive in the ever-growing and competitive environment of social media marketing, Pitman as an entrepreneur and influencer keeps motivating and supporting small brands, personalities, and businesses. In 2017, Pitman started his social media meme page and by learning through YouTube videos, he used several social media growth methods. He garnered around 100,000 followers and this proved to be his first success in the field. The next three years he spent growing his business.

After a bitter experience of getting one of his Instagram accounts disabled for an unknown reason; he started to invest in himself and gained more knowledge on a wide range of platforms, revenue stream, and marketing strategies, not putting all his eggs in one basket and recommending the same to other entrepreneurs.

Elijiah Pitman today is the driving force behind the success of many personalities and businesses, making them reach their goals in the ever-evolving and growing climate of social media.

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.