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Everything You Need To Know When Looking For A Creative Agency: A Checklist



Everything You Need To Know When Looking For A Creative Agency: A Checklist

When you have a project that involves a huge creative requirement that your existing in-house team cannot accommodate, enlisting the help of a creative agency is the obvious choice.

After all, outsourcing a creative agency has been proven to be more cost-effective than hiring in-house designers. An agency relieves you of the various expenses entailed with hiring an in-house design team, as well as reduce the time-to-market. As a result, you get your ROI quicker.

The right creative partner can help you produce and manage campaigns more effectively and therefore sustain your company’s winning marketing performance. The key is to find a creative agency that understands your needs, is a culture fit for your company and has the capability to deliver your design needs.

Let this checklist to help you further on your hunt for the right creative design agency for your business.



Tapping into an agency gives you access to a pool of fresh and innovative ideas. Aside from that, look out for the signs that you need the services of a creative design agency.

For one, the number of people you have in-house does not match the scale of your projects and overloading your team has compromised the quality of their outputs. Another case could be a skills gap. Your department may have top-notch marketers but are missing a critical skill set such as design skills needed to create PPC ads or animated infomercials for your planned social media campaign.

In these cases, you’ll need to supplement your team with people who have the expertise and experience. With recruiting costs, monthly salaries, benefits, and tax, the expenses of hiring an in-house design team can pile up quickly. Thus, hiring a creative design firm like MicroCreatives is the optimal route.

Moreover, if you are struggling to break into new markets, an agency who has experience working in the industry you’re targeting will know what to do to build your brand reputation and identify your ideal customers. Additionally, an agency can put more balance between your subjective opinion and their objective view of your product for a more holistic approach in your campaigns.

If you’ve hit any or all of the abovementioned curbs, it’s time to outsource your creative requirements.

Infographic Source: MicroCreatives