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Features to Look for When Finding a Fluent Paraphrasing Tool



Searching for a paraphrasing tool (paraphraser) on Google brings 9 million results. And this number keeps increasing because we see a new addition to online writing tools every month.

But the availability of several options makes it challenging to pick one tool. And that’s where this blog post will come in handy.

Here, we’ll discuss a few characteristics of the best paraphrasing tools. So, if you are on the hunt for a paraphrasing tool, you can take assistance from those factors and make your selection. Thus, without any further delay, let’s delve into this discussion.

A Brief Introduction to a Paraphraser:

A paraphraser is a one-click text rephrase that replaces the synonyms and rewords the sentences with the help of AI algorithms.

Such a tool works on advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, like NLP and GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technologies.

The NLP or Natural Language Processing helps a paraphrasing tool detect and maintain the context during paraphrasing. On the other hand, the GPT-3 is a machine-learning algorithm that rephrases the text like humans. So, cutting-edge technology-based paraphrasing tools are advanced enough to rephrase text as humans.

Features to Target in Paraphrase Generators:

A paraphrasing tool’s results highly depend on the algorithms working at the backend. So, if you want a high-quality rephrasing tool, you should look for the following features.

  • High-Quality Paraphrasing Engine:

The first feature to look for when selecting a paraphrasing tool is the quality of its paraphrasing engine.

Generally, free paraphrasing tools offer low-quality results because of having mediocre-quality paraphrasing engines.

Therefore, we recommend picking a freemium tool. Such a tool often provides suitable paraphrasing results since their free version is like a sneak-peak to the actual full-fledged tool.

Moreover, most freemium paraphrasing tools provide enough features in their free plans that you will have an idea about the quality of their paraphrasing engines. However, you can check the quality of a paraphrasing tool’s paraphrasing engine by running sample text into it.

  • Sentence Rephrasing and Synonym-Replacement:

Most paraphrasing tools rephrase the text by replacing specific words with appropriate synonyms. However, synonym replacement alone is not enough to produce quality results.

Therefore, you must ensure that your selected paraphrasing tool doesn’t entirely rely on the synonym-replacement technique.

Generally, content spinners work by replacing some specific words with their synonyms. So, you should ensure that your chosen paraphraser tool is a sentence rephraser, not a content spinner.

  • Availability of Multiple Paraphrasing Modes:

Most AI sentence rephrasing and paraphrasing tools work on multiple AI rephrasing modes. The availability of various modes will provide you with more variations in the results. So, if you pick such a tool, you will have more options in the bag.

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Even if one mode can’t give the required results, you can always rely on the output of other modes. Therefore, you should ensure that the paraphrasing tool you pick should have multiple modes.

  • Ability to Improve Content Quality:

The ability to improve content is the fourth characteristic your selected paraphrasing tool should have.

The best paraphrasing tools are considered the best in the business because they can do more than paraphrasing.

For instance, during paraphrasing, top-notch AI paraphrasers (paraphrasing tools) can enhance the quality of your content by:

  • Improving the sentence structure.
  • Bringing a better content flow.
  • Improving the delivery tone of the content.

Thus, you must ensure that the tool you pick has the aforementioned characteristics because, this way, you will enjoy multiple benefits.

  • Ability to Rectify Grammatical Errors:

Some AI paraphrasing tools can also correct grammatical and punctuation mistakes during paraphrasing.

So, if you are exploring the internet for the best rephrasing tools, you should ensure that your chosen tool can rectify grammatical errors.

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Thus, if you pick a paraphrasing tool with a built-in grammar checker, you won’t have to try a separate grammar checker to correct the grammatical errors and typos in your content.

  • Convenience:

When a writer takes assistance from a paraphrasing tool, he wants to be productive during writer’s block. But this is only possible if a paraphrasing tool has a user-friendly environment.

So, while selecting a paraphrasing tool, you should ensure that it is easier to operate. Otherwise, there will be no point in taking assistance from technology.

  • Ability to Paraphrase in Multiple Languages:

Sometimes, you have to paraphrase the content in a non-native or unfamiliar language. In that case, you can’t rely on manual paraphrasing. And that’s where a multilingual paraphrasing tool will come in handy.

As the name depicts, a multilingual paraphrasing tool can rephrase the entered text in the language of your choice. So, the backend algorithms of such a tool are powerful enough to produce a rephrased version of the text without modifying its context.

This feature is not essential. Therefore, if a high-quality paraphrasing tool doesn’t rephrase the text in multiple languages, we don’t recommend rejecting that tool.

However, having additional features in the bag won’t hurt you. So, check whether your selected paraphrasing tool is powerful enough to rephrase the material in multiple languages.


Everyone has different requirements. So, if a paraphrasing tool has worked for you, it may not work for others. That is why it is challenging to claim that a particular paraphrasing tool is the best of the best.

But there are a few characteristics you can look for while selecting a rephrasing tool. That is what we discussed in the post above.