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Here’s How You Can Market Your Business Through A Coupon Website



Here’s How You Can Market Your Business Through A Coupon Website

Time to keep your scissors back in the drawer. No more need for a printer because print coupons are being replaced by digital ones with increasing momentum. Stats show that in the year 2014, 16 billion coupons were used. This figure is expected to double up by 2019 to 31 billion. Experts have predicted that the use of mobile coupons will climb higher.

The world has been conquered by the internet so no wonder the use of digital coupons has become increasingly common. Digital couponing comes with perks for both sides of the picture; for the businesses as well as for the customers. However, for a company to ensure that the digital campaign of offering coupons is successful, it has to make certain the marketing aspect is covered smartly.

Digital coupons can be marketed in several ways; by running advertisements on social media, by teaming up with influencers, by distributing coupons via emails or coupon websites. Among these, coupon websites are a great option. Wondering why you should go for such a marketing tactic and how it would work? Let’s run you through the details.


Why Market Your Business Through Coupon Websites?

Affiliate marketing is a popular concept according to which you pay another website or blog of the same niche to market your products and offers. However, marketing your coupons through other such sites comes with doubts. Will the advertisement attract new customers? Will they click and redeem the coupon? A better approach is to go for group coupon websites such as RetailMeNot, Clothingric, and Groupon.

Such websites are solely constructed for offering deals and coupons to customers so the chances of your campaign being successful are high. These websites have a wide customer base that receives coupons and offers via email as well. Not only is marketing your coupons via such sites effective but it also beneficial. You have to invest comparatively less while the ROI is typically favorable too. Moreover, your products reach an untapped audience.


How Does Marketing Coupons Via A Social Coupon Website Work?

Marketing your business’s coupons via a coupon website comprises three simple steps; research, outreach, and designing. However, the step to get started with is not the research of which coupon website to join hands with but deciding which products you want to offer a discount on.

Make sure that the discount you offer is worthwhile for both your customers and for your company’s profit margin. Once you’ve in mind the details of the discount and the products that you plan to offer, it’s time to get started with the research part.


Find A Reputable Coupon Website To Partner With

There are several coupon sites online. However, beware of scams that spam customers and take a higher share value despite cheapening your brand’s image. Go for websites that have a reputation and a wide audience so that your coupon can reach the maximum number of potential customers.

See that the site also has other businesses from your industry working with it. Look for testimonials for the website before going ahead and finalizing. There are several types of coupon websites based on different business models. The major ones can be categorized as follows:


Typical coupon Sites

  • Coupon forums
  • Cash-back coupon sites
  • Curation coupon sites


Reach Out To These Sites And Build A Relationship With The

Once you’ve wrapped up the research part, you have to find out the packages the coupon websites offer. Introduce your product and get the discussions started. Most coupon websites do not openly mention such details stepwise. Be sure to ask any and all questions that you may have.

Negotiate not only the pricing aspect of the deal but also the placement of your coupons on the site’s homepage and whether or not the site would be marketing them via email and other sources. Some points that you might want to clarify before going ahead:

  • To what degree can you customize your offer?
  • What share of the value of the coupons will go to the coupon site?
  • Will the coupon site pay you based on the coupons bought or on the basis of the coupons redeemed?
  • How and when will your offer be advertised?


Design Your Coupons And Advertise

While the idea of flaunting your creativity can make you get carried away, keep the design minimal. You can hire a professional graphic designer for the purpose or you can make use of an app online for making the coupon. The latter option is free of cost and a straightforward one, but common and not eye-catchy.

Your coupon should include at least one image. Choose to exhibit one of your best products. However, the product that is on the image must also be on sale to be on the coupon. Instead of showing a product solo, you can pick a picture of a person using that product. Customers tend to respond better to such imagery. Keep your target audience in mind when choosing the design and the font text and size.

Studying the coupon designs of your competitors can be helpful in this regard. Your coupon shouldn’t be cluttered and should include all necessary information. Ask the couponing website if there is some info which is mandatory to add or subtract as per their rules. Some textual information that the coupon should read includes:

  • The discount you are offering
  • Whether you are offering it on the entire stock or on selected items
  • The expiration date of the coupon


Whether there are any restrictions or steps to follow

Once all is done, there’s another aspect that you must look into; the application of the code on your website. Make sure that the process is simple. For reaping long-term benefits, provide excellent customer service along with stellar products.

Summing up, marketing your coupons through a coupon website can help your business grow by increasing brand awareness and bringing in new potential customers. Team up with a renowned couponing website, negotiate your deal and design an attractive coupon. Focus on the details of the entire procedure to make sure your campaign goes successfully.

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