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How Andrew Viera Guides Global Brands to the New Marketing Era



Andrew Viera

In today’s saturated e-commerce markets, it’s no longer enough for brands to use old strategies such as organic social media and email marketing leverage. Even though these methods still work, they have become less effective and relevant in reaching audiences in all digital marketing channels. This is only to be expected. The rapid increase in users of technology, social media, and email channels have made the media consumption competition much more stifling.

If organic social media and email marketing leverage are considered old news, what are winning brands doing now? Brands who have a large focus on digital media have been shifting to multi-faceted collaborations with marketing/advertising agencies positioned as “growth hackers.” Leading the industry in this approach is serial entrepreneur Andrew Viera, through his growth hacking agency Viera Media. He and his team use the newest and most innovative growth hacking strategies in the market to help global brands stay in the spotlight.

Andrew Viera has been an entrepreneur for seven years now. At the age of 19, he pursued his career in entrepreneurship after dropping his Neuroscience degree at the University of Calgary. He launched Viera Media in 2016 as a growth hacking agency that offers full services for advertising strategies. It primarily targets brands that are trying to establish its name through leadership in the socially-conscious/sustainable space. The company is different from other ROI agencies in the sense that it offers insider, uncommon growth-hacking strategies that generate astronomical numbers. 

Growth-hacking, in other words, is a term that means more in-depth strategies that focus solely on hard aspects such as revenue growth, rather than softer aspects like brand awareness.

One of Viera’s main focus is on the private audience nurturing strategies- which catapults his clients into leaders in their respective markets. By privately nurturing audiences with mass-personalized content sent straight to inboxes, brands can get ahead of the competition. 

The secret behind audience nurturing is targeted mass-personalization. Whereas in the past brands focused on reaching their audiences frequently, today it’s even more important that brands leverage technology that can help them develop more in-depth audience-groups profiling, and subsequently have more meaningful and unique conversations on a massive scale.

Commenting on how overwhelming e-commerce markets have become, Viera said that “Consumers have been bombarded with so many sales offers, that they now expect more privacy. They expect an experience catered to them and them only.” He added, “With the latest technology, Viera Media is able to create a unique experience for every user on a massive scale and in turn, make them more loyal customers.” Targeted mass personalization is one of the keys to significant returns on investment in 2020.

After four years of perseverance and hard work to make Viera Media grow, Andrew Viera now works with a group of talented people who are delegated to various teams. These teams include Account Managers, Growth-Hacking Strategists, Paid Search and SEO, as well as 3 sectors in Media Buying. Viera Media also handles social media marketing with its Influencer Marketing and Social Media teams. Furthermore, the company also has a team for its clients’ Copywriting, Graphic and Motion Design, Front End and Full Stack Development, PR needs, and many more.

Viera Media now works with top brands around the Globe. He and his team have successfully leveraged the newest and latest technology to create these effects for helping global brands stay in the spotlight, and Viera hopes to help many more brands improve their potential.

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