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How David Phan Built a Multi 6 Figure Marketing Agency Around Driving Incredible Public Relations Marketing Campaigns



David Phan

David Phan is the CEO and founder of Phaners, a digital marketing agency well known for its success. His passion for entrepreneurship from a young age played a significant part in him becoming the natural marketer and salesperson he is. Having established his first business in 2017, he had to learn and teach himself on the marketing strategies to boost the sales of the business.

Phan used skills he learned from YouTube and books to help him drive his sales higher, get more attention from people, and change their mindsets. The demand for his skills increased, and this is how Phaners was born to enable people to start and scale their businesses. Below are some of the strategies he has used to allow him to reach his goals with the agency.


Passion and Obsession to Scale Businesses

From an early age, Phan had an obsession with seeing his business and those of his friends grow. He took with him this passion for Phaners and has been a critical factor in the growth of the company. This obsession has resulted in some of the best work online. It has enabled the agency to create a strong presence online, traffic, revenue, and a lot of exposure.

It is clear that when you are obsessed with something, you want to see the results. The agency is result based and works to ensure they get the best results on what they work on. Getting exposure in the industry has boosted the exemplary results garnered by the agency. This passion has further helped entice investors into the business. It has resulted in many brands wanting to be associated with the agency.


Highly Qualified Team 

For a marketing agency to be successful, it requires a team that is both passionate and qualified in what they do. The team at Phaners is made up of award-winning developers and designers who are very capable of transforming a business to reach its highest potential. The team, having an online marketing presence has enabled them to master steps and strategies that can work for any company.

The team boasts that they can ensure a lot of website traffic even in the most competitive markets. This shows that a great team plays the most crucial role since they can connect with the client. The team further enables your business to gain credibility from customers as they work to ensure to put out a positive story around your business through effective marketing. 

Having a broad media exposure helps your business to influence more customers. This strategy, in return, puts your brand in a more competitive edge compared to your competitors.


The Willingness of the Client to Grow

Phaners often work with C-level executives. Having a steady clientele does not mean that they are limited to working with those types of clients only. It is easier to work with a brand that is willing to grow and be consistent. Phan believes that for any brand planning on having a media presence, it has to be consistent by staying current in the media. This concept is how the brand remains relevant in the current market.

When a client becomes successful, the agency, in return, wins as well. The agency first identifies the missing key in the clients’ business and works to fill that gap to ensure an increase in their sales. The agency has proven strategies tailored to suit every client in generating autopilot leads.

Good Public Relations is Essential for Every Brand

The agency being result-driven has been the key influence on its growth. According to David Phan, most of the agency-client base is as a result of referrals. What that shows us is that clients are confident enough to refer to other businesses and help with the growth. It has been able to retain almost 96 percent of its clients and boast of assisting top brands to generate a revenue of over $5,000,000 and 250,000 leads.


Phaners offer well-executed, proven strategies, and plans that are known to have helped many brands boost their scales. Good public relations are an essential cornerstone for every business that is willing to have a breakthrough in the current competitive market. It is beneficial to the growth of the brand through the creation of awareness in the media and attracting and retaining customers.


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