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How Sway Media is Exploding the Digital Marketing World



Sway Media

Everyone is hiring Sway Media to utilize their influencer marketing blueprint. These companies are paying top dollar to thicken their social presence. Sway’s model works, and it’s no accident.

In 2018, social media has officially transformed from a platform of individual interaction to a marketplace for user consumption. Companies are finally realizing the monetary value of a social presence, and don’t know where to look for management help. Sway Media Group initially pioneered a group of other influencers that started growing Instagram accounts into the millions as a hobby, but has since been hired by a myriad of companies to use this community to explode app downloads, e-commerce sales, and corporate brand awareness.“We haven’t really even been able to begin pitching Sway to companies yet. Word has spread quickly and most of our clients have come knocking. We’ve had to get organized and professionalize in a very short period to bring this thing to the surface” said Co-Founder Nick Ravid. This whole system began as an underground marketing route for many start-ups. Gary Vaynerchuk has attributed the growth of his powerful following to this influencer community of hundreds of viral accounts. Co-Founder Drew Lauinger stated: “You see more and more popular brands and companies contacting and utilizing both us and our community every day. When these companies can spend 70% less than they normally do on ad space from us, and in turn see better engagement than they do from a TV commercial, there’s not much else to say.”

Sway Media has formulated a grassroots path to quickly expanding a company’s social presence and converting this presence into a capital gain for their clients. This influencer community Nick and Drew refer to is a group of hundreds of viral Instagram account owners who rapidly grow Instagram accounts into the millions in a matter of months. They do this using a structured network, feeding off of the engagement of one another to swiftly accumulate their following. They then use this following to advertise for their own dropshipping companies and Instagram accounts, as well as to obviously work for the companies who hire them. The individuals within the community sometimes even sell their Instagram accounts. These pages do not come for a bargain. It’s been said that the accounts within this community have sold for nearly seven figures, with their value increasing by the day, as the number of social media users is constantly increasing. While companies are hiring Sway to help increase engagement, they’re seeing a return on their investment as the Instagram community they’re building holds high monetary value. Sway Media is here to change the way companies advertise, and they’re here to stay.

Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Kivo Daily Magazine