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How to Become a Good Marketing Influencer in 5 Easy Steps



Marketing Influencer

Do you know that nearly 40% of Twitter users claimed to have purchased a product or another as a direct result of a tweet from an influencer?

Have you heard of the phrase “marketing is marketing”?

While that might be true, that definition does not state that marketing has evolved from the old-fashioned approach.

Technology has transformed the way marketers reach the end consumers of their products.

As is well known, marketing is the activity of a company that deals with promoting its products or services basically through advertisement and distribution.

In modern-day marketing, there are different areas of marketing which a company can focus on.

They include; direct marketing, database marketing, market research, content marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing etc.

For the sake of this write-up, we will focus our attention on influencer marketing. 

Let’s dive right in.


What exactly is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a strategy that orients itself around someone with a bit of online appeal and who has an audience in any given industry.

It uses top content creators with a specialty in different fields to help increase traffic, improve brand awareness and at the same time convey the brand message to the targeted audience.

While influencer marketing is a different area of marketing, it cannot replace social marketing or content marketing, because it cannot exist without them.

The good thing about influencer marketing is that you don’t have to be a celebrity to be an influencer.

An influencer can be anyone, anywhere, in any industry. What makes you influential is your large followings from social media.

As an influencer, you can be a sales executive on LinkedIn, a popular fashion photographer on Instagram or Facebook, a lifestyle blogger who tweets.

Just make sure you have thousands of followers, who eventually become your target audience.

Having made it clear what influencer marketing is, how do you become a good influencer marketer?


Find your voice

 Finding your voice as an influencer marketer basically has to do with creating good content which your audience can relate with.

And your content should be something about your lifestyle, your content should depict your life.

You don’t want to create content on vegetarianism and be seen eating meat. Your content should be something you have an affinity for.

To become an influencer marketer, you can be a travel blogger that posts about her adventures, you can post beautiful pictures of your lifestyle and diet, and so on.

Just make sure your content is something not only you can relate with, and which can make people want to be part of your lifestyle.

Because by creating contents, you are building your market reach, which has an effect on the long-run goals you may have as an influencer marketer.


Get people to follow you

The next step to becoming an influencer marketer is getting people to follow you, and how do you do that?

You have to start by having an online presence in a particular social medium, and then expanding your reach beyond that particular medium.

Although not having a presence in other social media does not mean you can’t be an influencer.

What it does mean is that having an impressive online presence in other social media apart from the one you started from gives you an edge over other influencer marketers, and also enhances your credibility as an influencer marketer.

After making your online presence known, there is a need to be consistent in whatever content you’re creating.

Consistency in creating good content is what generates followers for you. You don’t want to be that person that creates a content today and takes a month to create another.


Stand out from the crowd

When I say stand out from the crowd, what I mean is being unique in a way that is different from that of other influencer marketers.

With the change in algorithm from the number of followers to the quality and make-up of followers, there is a need to not just concentrate on the number of followers.

And this is as a result of some unscrupulous influencers buying followers to boost their outlook to businesses.

Uniqueness in this context, does not have to do with the content you create only, it also has to do with the way you relate with your audience.

You have to engage your followers, it is your engagement with your followers that leads them to like, comment and share your posts.

Your engagement with your audience is very important as it is the yardstick that will be used to measure how relatable your content is.


Get brands to notice you

The key to getting noticed by brands is to stay ‘relevant’. And to stay relevant, you truly have to influence.

Your engagement level also comes into play here, because brands are only interested in working with people who influence active audiences.

As a beginning influencer, you can have your promotional work with small brands, usually, brands who can’t afford a marketing budget.

The reason for this is to gather experience and build an online reputation with the business community.

These early collaborations can be used to your advantage later when it’s time to work with larger businesses.


Monetize your influence

Eventually, you will succeed in growing your account to a point where you can work with businesses with a more sizeable marketing budget.

An obvious question you will ask yourself is how much you should charge.

You need to know that your charge depends on the niche you work in, and the brands you approach.

The most popular monetization technique reported was affiliate links, a unique link used to track impressions and conversions which are credited to the influencer who then earns a commission based on performance.

Another monetization technique is branded content, where brands work with influencers to tell their brand-stories and grow their social followers.

The monetization technique being used depends on the brand-influencer agreement.


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