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How to choose a Business Name that Stands out?




A few months ago, I was contacted by a CEO who had just taken over a medium size business that had been around for about 3 years with a really cool on-line offer. The business was started by an entrepreneur who choose a brand name that was representative of the business but was pretty obscure and spelled in a unique way. This new CEO had been mandated to take the company to great heights and he called me to discuss the name. He was concerned – he said that people couldn’t pronounce it properly and his own mother couldn’t remember it. He added that when a jewish mother can’t remember the name of the company her son is running there’s a real problem!

Choosing Business name or product names can be tricky business. It’s more complex than sitting around a kitchen table throwing out ideas. The key to creating a great brand name is to make sure it reflects the product or business positioning or difference.

It’s important to develop a list of criteria of what the name needs to do, for example does it need to work in different languages?


Many years ago, I worked at the firm that created the Canadian Airlines name and corporate identity. It was a merger of a number of airlines. The selection of the name was brilliant as the firm came up with the idea of replacing the “a” in the English version and the “e” in the French version with a “motion mark” making the name bilingual.

We can’t all be this this cleaver but there are 5 rules of brand naming that you should keep in mind:

  1. It should reflect the overall brand positioning
  2. It should be distinct within its competitive set
  3. It should be easy to remember and spell
  4. It should be adaptable easily to a URL (ie. you can get it in a domain name search)
  5. It should be legally ownable within its competitive environment. (so you can register the business name).

I know a few consultants who have naming down to a science. It’s worthwhile to hire someone to assist in the naming process. One of the biggest challenges is availability A brand naming consultant will do preliminary searches but it’s always up to you to have a lawyer do more in-depth searches and registrations. It’s often easier to trademark a “coined” or “made up” name.

To sum it up, choosing a business or product name should not be a kitchen table conversation. It’s not something that your mother-in-law suggests on a Sunday afternoon (although this has been known to happen and work out well). If you’re planning to go it alone, use these criteria above and if you need help, it’s available for you.

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