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How to make a logo



how to make logo

A logo is an essential part of a brand or product. It makes products stand out in the marketplace among competitors and protects the owner from misconduct by competitors. The logo of a well-known brand is the main association for the buyer in linking the product and its distinctive features: the price and quality of the products, the attributes of the manufacturer. 


Logo definition


A logo is a stylized emblem or symbol used by campaigns, businesses and individuals to better recognize products to the consumer. The following types of logos are distinguished:

Abbreviations. The logo is created based on the abbreviation of a company or business name, optimal for manufacturers with long names.


Wordy. This type is used by campaigns with a catchy and short name. In such logos, the name of the brand and the choice of font influence the perception of the manufacturer.

Graphic. Based on the visual image associated with the company. The sign of brand visualization in the customer based on the symbol is an indication of the success and recognition of the manufacturer.


Abstract. Distinguished from graphic ones by simplicity of design and better recognizability among consumers from different countries. They are based on color and form combinations.

Mascots. A logo is a stylized image of a character-face of a brand. Successfully applied when interacting with consumers in real and virtual worlds.


Combined. Combines symbols, brand name, abstract shapes, and company characters. Such logos are used by both manufacturers of goods and government and educational organizations.


Regardless of the type of logo chosen by the company, it is necessary to create an image that makes the brand more recognizable. Increasingly, organizations are resorting to tools in the virtual space to create logos.


How to create a logo online


Companies have several options for creating logos: internally, with the help of freelancers or special agencies. However, there are an increasing number of cases of development with the help of online constructors. Logo generators, such as Turbologo, use a wide database of graphic objects and fonts to create emblems and images. Online designers work based on customer requests.


Before creating a logo, it is necessary to relate it to the company’s image and think about the concept of the future symbol. Before using the online designer, you need to create sketches of the logo. The generator creates many variants of images, the developments will help the manufacturer to decide in advance on the idea and requirements for the potential result. The online designer allows you to make corrections to the logo it generates after the generation.

Logo generators are easy to use. For example, in Turbologo, images are created and edited for free. A fee is charged to the client when downloading the finished logo. Different rates allow you to form an idea of the result of the generation in advance, cushioning the choice to the manufacturer. If there are difficulties in working with the online editor, technical support specialists will provide the necessary assistance to the user.




The company becomes more recognizable and associated with a particular niche of consumers thanks to the logo. Online generation allows you to create a company logo relatively quickly. Subsequent branding of products, promotional materials, website will serve you to further create a visual brand image.