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How to Make an Appointment at Kaiser Permanente (KP)?



Appointment at Kaiser Permanente

Once you are a member of Kaiser Permanente (KP) by registering an account, then you will have additional benefits that are part of healthcare services. The company offers you standard information about your health and medicine and it will help you to decide by choosing an appropriate plan.

The member can access the medical records health reports and medical bills online by accessing the member records. A member can contact KP by using the phone to the office in a particular region. The members can also able to communicate with the company using email services. 

The members can ask their related queries and questions and get a reply from the company in their emails. Also, a member can contact the doctor using video conferencing in services. It is also a highly preferred and most convincing option by patients to have a medical checkup or video using the mobile application.

Appointment with doctor:

Meeting the doctor personally by taking an appointment is also a very important option provided to the members of the organization.

How to make an appointment to meet the doctor?

KP organization offers medical and health services around the clock for 24 hours during all days of the week. The appointments can be taken even over the telephone by specifying the details of the health of patients.

Telephone appointments can be available on the following basis:

Patients suffering from allergies cough and cold respiratory infections should take immediate appointments.

Telephone appointments are not advisable under emergency conditions such as when the patients suffer from severe pain, shortness of breath, or uncontrolled bleeding.

How to get an appointment with the doctor immediately:

You can visit my kp hr website and get the toll-free number of the organization. The telephone number is available 24/7 and you can talk to the customer service executive for an appointment.

What should a patient do during a medical emergency?

The patient suffering from a life-threatening illness or serious injury should call on the number 911 but it is always advised to go to the nearest hospital for immediate assistance.

Kaiser Permanente Orange county emergency services are available around the clock at the telephone numbers given on the website.

Things to note to prepare for appointment

To get the best health secure services, it is important to get the required services from the physician required. It is required to have a long-term relationship between the patient and the physician. It is also needed to develop trust in the minds of patients regarding the organization and the doctors.

The members of my kp hr organization should always freely ask about the services offered and the benefits earned.

Once the appointment is taken always confirm it before entering the clinic. Bring all your medical reports and medication to consult with the doctors. Never sit silent when you have doubts and questions in your mind.

Prepare yourself before coming to the physician as per the appointment schedule.

These are a set of points that you need to remember before you take an appointment with the doctor regarding your health check-up.