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How to Optimize TikTok Ads Like a Pro?




Marketing and advertising on digital platforms have become common and it influences people in the best way and in a short time. After applying those Ad campaigns you have to keep an eye to monitor the performance. In that way, you can ensure that these Ads are running well and achieving the goals that you expected from them. Keeping a record of your campaigns will result in getting better results.

Why Optimize TikTok Campaign After it Rolls Out?

Also, you can optimize your TikTok ads to attain better results, and you can make changes to your ad campaign even after it rolls out. Besides that, you can try to create an effective ad campaign before it rolls out. Who wouldn’t want to apply an effective ad campaign from the beginning? 

Although getting likes on TikTok isn’t as easy as it seems to be. But the issue is that even if you create a good ad campaign from the start, still you wouldn’t be sure whether it’ll work great or not. Because you can see the actual results after applying to that campaign. You can find several articles to create an effective TikTok ad campaign from the beginning. But in this article, we’ll discuss all the matters that can cause your TikTok ad campaign to not work properly. And how you can optimize it to make it effective.

Analyze Your Content

Without looking for any other solution the first thing that you need to do is to look at your content and examine it. You cannot make changes in anything unless you apply it in real life and find the possible changes needed. You first need to install the TikTok Ads Manager tool at the start of your campaign. This will help you find your targeted audience and create strategies according to your goals. 

You’ll also be able to find the right key performance indicator and this would be a good point for your growth. With the help of this data regarding your audience and strategy performance, you can find issues that are causing failure in your campaign. Sometimes issues are too small but they are creating problems to get better results. It can be the wrong music or a color tone that doesn’t go well with your campaign’s performance.

TikTok Ads Manager will provide you with three tools through which you can analyze data:

  • Dashboard Page: This helps you get the bigger picture of your campaign and comparison of your performance across several campaigns.
  • Campaign Page: From this page, you can check all the details and explore the points that have built your interest. You can analyze your audience to see whether it affects real-life people or not.
  • Reporting Page: You can get insights into your campaign from this page, as TikTok provides you with a complete report in an organized manner. This will help you find ways to persuade your audience more effectively.

Defining Your Ethos

With ethos, you can find out whether you are giving a good impression to the audience rather than just posting ads and being below the TikTok limelight. It also defines your morals, character, and ethics on this platform. You must be thinking why is it necessary to take care of all such details, well TikTok statistics show that this platform’s audience is below 24 years old. 

That means most of them are of this age and they would prefer those brands that work well with their values and urge them to do better or make a positive change. Now you should consider whether your brand achieved this goal or not. You can easily find the results by comparing the matrices of opinions, attitudes, and actions of your brand.

After analysis, you can find any type of results including more views but few likes that may happen. Because your content was not up to the mark or it wasn’t according to the interest of people. Or maybe views, likes, and comments all are just a few because you posted the content at the wrong time when your audience wasn’t active. Or maybe you have many views, and a lot of likes but few comments on your videos because you buy TikTok likes or comments and never engage with them.

Solution to Your Problems

  • You have to look at the initials of your campaign and find out that your targeted audience is right. This will help TikTok to find identical profiles according to your targeted audience.
  • Also, analyze each ad and look at your values and find out which one gains more success. You can analyze these values by comparing them with the KPIs that you set at the start of the campaign.
  • If you find out the values that work more, adapt them to your content and try to work on them.
  • Sometimes you may find the issue that the content creator of your brand is not working up to the mark. Try to collaborate with famous content creators or influencers on the platform. Also, they are more affordable than posting ad campaigns.

Defining Your Pathos

Pathos defines the emotions that you use in your content to define who you are and makes your decision-making process better. Also, people demand such type of content because according to recent research. Most users like to enjoy such video content also the nature of the channel is like this. You have to create short videos that are effective and attract others’ attention easily.

Ways to Analyze Emotions

  • Start by analyzing the values and connections that you create with your targeted audience. It can be engagement rates, several views, comments, clicks, and purchases.
  • It’s important to create several versions of your ad campaigns. Test it on a different type of audience multiple times.

Ways to Improve Pathos

After testing your campaign on different sorts of audiences take notice of everything including emotions, placement of colors, music, effects, and your product.

  •  Make changes in your strategy according to your needs.
  • Also, you should be sure that your speaker is expressing emotions in a good way because pathos is connected to ethos.
  • Keep your product or service that you are trying to sell in the limelight of TikTok.

Redefine Your Logos

Gen Z is not the one that falls for logical arguments rather than marketing glam, they know better what these marketing campaigns are for and what their purpose is. Today’s generation knows well on what brands they should trust. You have to provide proof or effective results that your brand is worth falling for.

Ways to Analyze Logos

  • Start with initials, look at the reports, and then compare them with the persona or profile that you created initially.
  • You can make use of TikTok Ads Manager to find the people who are most interested in your brand.
  • Analyze your audience and whether they agree with your brand.
  • Or do they need more information?

Ways to Find Solution

  • You can create more convincing content and drive your audience towards it.
  • With product tutorials, you can find a visible difference in your follower list.
  • You can make use of numbers to entertain your audience without boring them.
  • User-generated content such as product reviews is a good way to help people have more interest in you.
  •  You can give your audience recognition by mentioning their profiles in the comments or giving discounts or offering giveaways.


You have prepared a full plan for your ad campaign but still if you need some changes further to it. There should be flexibility in your strategy if you need any changes in it. You can optimize it according to your budget or requirement, recheck your performance and results and apply changes accordingly. Also, don’t forget to continuously check your targeted audience and ad content to increase your engagement rate and sales. You can get auto TikTok likes from to increase engagement on your profile. Also, you should take notice of the interest of your audience and collaborate with famous content creators. This will help better in making changes in your TikTok Ad campaign.

Final Thoughts

To attract more followers or to increase the engagement rate on your post you have to run a campaign. So when you create a TikTok ad campaign you analyze it from all aspects to make it the best. But still, you can’t make it perfect because you wouldn’t be able to achieve the results of your campaign until it is applied to real-life people. Applying these above tips and tactics in your ad campaign will help you achieve the results or goals that you are expecting. If your ad strategy is already rolling out but not achieving the required results. You can make changes to it by analyzing the existing campaign and looking for the deficiencies or changes that are needed to achieve the required goal. Hope this blog taught you well, what you need to do.