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How to Pick the Best Email Marketing Platform



It is nearly impossible to overestimate the power of email marketing. For every $1 spent on email marketing, the return is $45, generating an ROI of 4,400%. Email marketing acquires 40x the customers of Facebook and Twitter campaigns. 90% of marketing professionals say email engagement is their top metric for measuring content performance while 81% say it is their most used form of marketing.

Achieving email marketing success isn’t easy. Marketers need to know how to boost email open rates, increase click rates, and avoid spam complaints. Regarding email open rates, 21.33% of marketing emails are opened by recipients. The best way to get above this average is by fixing the subject line. Subject lines should be personal, brief, and direct. Don’t use more than 10 words or 1 emoji. Content should also be segmented to ensure subscribers receive relevant content. 2 good ways to divide subscribers are by geolocation and interest groups.

Increasing click-through rates is a bit more complex. Right now, just 2.62% of marketing email recipients click for more. Some ways to improve this statistic is by using descriptive and concise link text (as opposed to “click here”) and embed multiple links in the same content. With both email open and click through rates, A/B testing can allow marketers to discover precisely what customers prefer.

Conversely, preventing spam complaints is simple: only send emails to people who asked for them. Getting people’s emails from third party purchases or business card collections irritates the recipients. Convincing customers to opt-in with coupons and exclusive offers is the key to increasing the quality of an email subscriber list. Just focusing on quantity leads to spamming people who couldn’t care less about your company.

What should you look for in an email marketing platform? Mobile optimization, automation, and list segmentation are all useful features. Good features for a beginner user include online tutorials, live support, and drag-and-drop editors. So while Constant Contact might have a lot of resources, new users are likely to struggle with the platform. On the other hand, Mailchimp has a lot of tools that are useful for beginners and is free for smaller operations, but minimal reporting and analytics features. What works for one company’s needs in email marketing may be a poor fit for another. Internet research and free trials are important steps to take in finding the right way to connect with customers.

Social media marketing may be taking off, but no one should neglect email marketing. It is the golden key for marketers ready to engage their audiences. Far from being in decline, 361 billion emails will be sent every day by 2024. On the side of tangible results, shoppers spent nearly 138% more after receiving email offers. The trick is to use email marketing in conjunction with other forms of marketing, especially in the online sphere. Keeping emails at the center, especially when it comes to established customers, is one of the best ways to stay in customer’s thoughts.

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