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How to Register a Brand Name in India



Brand Name in India

Every Business that is Operating in the Indian economy today wants to stay ahead of The Other businesses in terms of Making a Profit and Capturing a Large Market share. There are many ways in which a Business can capture a large number of Markets for Their Products and Services. For Example, a company can use Marketing Tactics, give huge discounts, and use Digital Marketing and Social Media for the purpose of Achieving growth and success for their Business venture.

The Most effective way to Achieve Ultimate business growth is To initiate the process of forming a Brand that will Help uniquely identify the Business products and Services Among its rival Companies and Will Help In Creating a Unique experience and image in the Minds of the Customers. Branding is also a good way of winning the loyalty of customers toward the product and Services that a company is offering for sale.

The Process of Brand Creation

1.. Identify Your Product and Service Niche.

First Thing you need to do before you create A Brand for your company; you need to make A Sound choice of which Products and services you will offer for sale. You need to create a Brand product list in which you need to List products and service that you will offer. To order to identify best product and Services that you will sale, you must make a thorough analysis of your own financial Condition and expertise in the concerned industry in which you will develop products and Services. To conduct a research you can use Magazine, books, Blogs and websites, Whitepapers, Industry analysis Reports. also to conduct research you can identify who are your Competitors in the industry where you will be delivering your Goods and services and either you can Talk To them or You can Conduct online research about Their Products and services and determine what you can do that is unique and Innovative.

2.. Identify Your Target Customers

Now That you know which Products and Services You will offer now it is time To Identify Who are your Targeted customers. To know who you’re Customers will be you need to divide them among the groups which you can classify according to their age, Demographics, Behavior, Income level, Interest and country or region. Now when you have grouped them and have created a Market segment. Now you need to identify which segment will bring you most benefit and Profit.

3. Design Best Logo and Tagline

You must have noticed the ads of popular brands such as Nike, Adidas, Microsoft, and Apple etc. you must have noticed they have a best-designed logo and have attractive Tagline. So you need to Also Decide Best tagline for your Brand and hire a good Designer or Design a Logo yourself.

4.. Build A Website, Get Marketing Materials and Prepare a Sales pitch.

You must have well designed and Fast Website for your Brand; you can hire a professional Web Designer to design best looking Website. You also need a well-designed brochure, posters, banner and other marketing Material. You need to prepare a sale Pitch also. For the entire above task, you can take help Of Professional Marketing agency that will guide you through the process.

Brand naming in india

How to Register a Brand Name in India

Now That You have Completed the Branding Process and has introduced Your Brand in Market. It is Very Essential That You Get Protection for Your Brand that you can secure by getting a Brand Name in India. As you Know as your brand continues to grow and Prosper, Your rival companies are Competition with you in the same industry or Any Company who wants to use your Brand For Their Profit By creating clones of your brand to prevent all This scenario form Happening you need to Secure a Brand registration.

You can gain Security for your Brand Logo, Name and Business Process By following Ways Listed Below:

Copyright Registration

When you apply for a copyright, you will be able to Use C symbol Along with your Logo, Brand Name, and Business process. C symbol Denotes That You are the Original inventor or Developer of Brand and It also gives you the authority to Take Legal action on those you try to Replicate or modify your Innovation for their Own profit without your consent.

Patent Registration

If You Have comes up with Innovative and New Products and Services, Then you must get patent Registration in India which will protect and give you right to disclose your Invention in Public. Also, you can sell patent To Other companies that wish to modify your Technology.

Trademark Registration and Logo Registration

You Must have noticed a ™ Symbol Places with many popular brands Logo, symbols, design, phrases etc that symbol is known As Trademark That Is Provided when A Company Applies for Trademark or Logo registration in India. ™ Symbols Denotes That Property which is Trademark Is Registered Property under your company or personal name and anyone who duplicates or copies it will have To Face Legal Action against them.

To Secure Trademark Registration in India, You can Contact a Professional Ca, Cs and Icwa Firm or Legal Service provider who have a lot of Experience and Expertise in Brand registration In India. It is highly advisable to seek Professional help in preparing Document, Forms and Filling application for Brand Registration.

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