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How we can make our cigarette boxes unique




Although the trend of people towards smoking is increasing day by day but still for making your tobacco brand famous in the market, attractive packaging is required. Among a number of cigarette boxes, but the one which is innovative always stands out. There are a number of factors which collectively determine the attractiveness of cigarette boxes wholesale. The use of high-quality material along with advanced printing is mandatory in this regard. The packaging design should be such that which looks highly adorable and different from the competitors. Color is a useful tactic to grasp the attention of a number of customers. Designing the cigarette boxes at TheCustomBoxes in an attractive color scheme can take your brand a step forward. Printing the company’s name and logo in eye-catchy colors can make it stand out in the crowd. With the advancements in technology, a number of manufacturers prefer to buy cigarette boxes online. So the thing which can fascinate them is the attractive outlook. A well-designed packaging not only keeps the breakable cigarettes in its original form but also helps you in tobacco recognition. Below are some of the ways to make your cigarette boxes unique:

• Work on the size and shape of the box:

The size and shape of the cigarette boxes wholesale play a vital role in making them attractive to the general public. The time of traditional shapes has gone. Now customers prefer something unique and innovative which inspire them. Cigarette packs are sold in a number of sizes and shapes with a different opening similar to that of matches or lighter. Empty flip-top cigarette boxes in a rectangular shape are common but if you create something minimalistic similar to the shape of lipstick or perfume packs looks adorable. These slim cigarette boxes occupy less space and have more grace.

• Choose an attractive color scheme:

Nothing likes to have an unattractive cigarette box in his pocket. Plain cigarette packs in white or brown color can never give an inspiring look to the customers. According to a research in Australia, the dark brown color is most effective in lowering down the cigarette appeal and makes people use words like dirty and dead while describing them. Have you ever thought what makes a pack of the cigarette so appealing for the people? It’s the colors used by the brand. Color is the most significant factor in determining consumer purchase behavior. Most of the cigarette boxes are designed by in luxurious style by using black or blue colors to target the elite class. The one designed for youngsters is made eye-catching through flashy and bright colors. Thus it is useful to study the color psychology of your target audience before in order to select a perfect color scheme.

• Try innovative designs:

Every day a number of cigarette brands are being introduced in market making it more competitive. The thing which differentiates them is their packaging. Working on innovative designs of the cigarette boxes is a great way to make your packaging stand out. Various wholesale manufacturers are available in the market to provide you with attractive designs and high-quality printing. You can hire them to design the best packaging for your cigarette brand. Customize the design of the boxes according to your requirement. It’s your choice whether you want to create sleeve packaging, sleek and long boxes, empty flip-top cigarette boxes or whatever you like. The packaging design plays a significant role in attracting young people by misleading them about the damaging effects.

• Use special finishing effects:

Although, printing can change the entire look of your cigarette boxes advanced finishing effects can enhance their elegance and grace. They come up with numerous styles like a glossy/matte finish, embossing, de-bossing, metallic foil stamping, spot UV, gold/silver foil coats and much more. Each of them has its own characteristics and gives a new professional look to your packaging.