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Influencing as a Full Time Job: The story of Andrea Abeli



Influencing as a Full Time Job: The story of Andrea Abeli

We live in a time when even the common man has the power to influence and inspire others. Thanks to social media, people today have an avenue to share their opinions, expertise, and experience openly with the entire world, without much ado. Those have harnessed the power of this ongoing trend have managed to carve a niche for themselves and become what the social world calls them influencers. While some influencers do this out of passion, many take this up as a full-time job. Such social media personalities build their fan base from ground zero, promote themselves and brands that they associate with, and go all the way in becoming internet sensations. As fascinating as it may sound, being a social media influencer is equally an effort and time intensive profession.

Meet Andrea Abeli- a model and photographer from Romania who became an Instagram sensation by influencing her growing network of followers and fan base on social media. The 34-year old curvaceous model found her niche in the rising trend of unique and unconventional models that have been the talk of the social world for a while now. While most people still seek the skinny figure, there are many who are defying conventions and rise above the physical appearances only with their personality and confidence. Andrea saw this as an opportunity to share her perspective and her experience with the modeling industry.

Trained in web design and photography, she has been helping many aspiring models to achieve success and establish themselves as a brand on social platforms. But soon, Andrea realized her own potential as a prospective model. Using her photography skills and modeling techniques that she used for her clients, Andrea now carved her own path on Instagram as a bikini and lingerie model who is curvy. She proved that all one needs to be a great model is to have the confidence to face the camera and highlight their best feature.

She understands and strongly believes that technology is here to bring about a radical change in the way modeling has been perceived. The conventional ways to establish oneself as a model in today’s time is obsolete and social media gives direct exposure to one’s talent if used strategically.

Andrea lives by the simple philosophy of bringing about change in other people’s lives by inspiring them to fulfill their dreams. From being a simple law graduate, Andrea Abeli has traveled the world, inspiring women and aspiring model to break the industry stereotypes and confidently present themselves to the world. With more than 1.2 million fans and followers and counting, Andrea Abeli enjoys her social media status as a model, influencer, and a unique brand in the world of fashion.

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