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Joseph Shafaq started with a Thought and a Dream now he’s on the Team!



This young millionaire in the making has tons of ambition! There’s nothing he can’t do in the world of social media and sports content. In today’s time it pays to be creative and assertive. This is something Joseph understood at a young age. The narrative of “hard work paying off” represents his accomplishments thus far down to the tee. Majority of the world’s population loves and adores sports, regardless of which profession. A very important factor of sports aside from the players and the competition, is the way we consume it. The way each sport is marketed is what makes them even bigger. Some are pushed in different ways and fashions than others. However, Joseph’s main love is basketball which is still growing overtime internationally. Imagine you have a love for something so much, then earning a seat at the table in that field. This is why we respect Mr. Shafaq so much, because we know it’s not easy to earn a spot in any multi-billion dollar profession. 


He wasn’t always so successful though. Growing up in NY Joseph didn’t know what he wanted to do early on. It took him some years to figure out what we wanted in life. As he got older and matured a bit he found his love for basketball and social media. Then he came up with the brilliant idea to combine the two. Doing something you love everyday, is not a job, this resulted in him creating the “buck3teers” basketball page on Instagram, which now has over 26,000 followers! Growing a following on any social media platform is a difficult thing to do. Joseph executed it by sacrificing and putting in the work everyday. This shows that self development is real, and all it takes is something thinking and executing. He also landed a job at one of the most popular sports pages on the internet “Thehoopfilms” which has over 750,000 followers. It’s safe to say “he knows what he’s doing”. His experience at St. John’s university has shown that college is not his thing. This shows us he’s more of an entrepreneur looking to be even more successful in his endeavors


Currently he’s also on the “HouseofHighlights” team as well running their social media pages. That brand has over 7 Million Subscribers on YouTube as well as over 39 Million followers on Instagram. Not anyone can just apply and work for them. You’d have to be special and that Joseph Shafaq is! He’s also gotten some “Man on the street” interviews as well with sports fans and even some famous individuals like rapper “ABoogie”. We are excited to see where he goes next with his career. We feel he will help take sports to the next level!


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James Roan born and raised in Miami, Florida is a Recording Artist, Writer, Director, Narrator and Author. He is the Future Leader of The Next Generation.