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Keeping Instagram Images Aligned With Brand Vibes Brings More Subscribers



Keeping Instagram Images Aligned With Brand Vibes Brings More Subscribers

You will have an enhanced list of subscribers for your emails and newsletters if you use the features of Instagram just the way you should. One such way is to keep the posts and images aligned with the vibe of your brand. This will enhance the identity of as well as the trust in your brand. Therefore, pay careful attention to your images so that the overarching theme adds to brand integrity and identity. Make sure that the theme is closely related to the theoverall image of your company.

Ideally, you must make sure that the images that you choose connects well and explain the mission statement of your company. This will help you in several ways in your email marketing campaign but most importantly it will help in inspiring and nurturing the human spirit.

The Instagram posts will effectively support your company statement only when you use the right kind of images that are not only inspirational but heart-warming as well. this points at several things.

  • It means instead of posting promotions simply based on the random shots, you must select your images focusing on your company mission and story.
  • It also means that you will need to optimize the entire Instagram profile to create a significant impact. This way it will not take too long to increase the number of click-through to your site.

In order to optimize your Instagram profile and your email campaign results, you will need to change the outlook of the people when they view your brand. You can use several strategies for this such as:

  • Always including a backlink to your website
  • Creating a landing page that is specifically designed for your Instagram visitors
  • Changing up the link endpoint to endorse your existing campaign or content
  • Using the company logo in your profile somewhere so that the users come to know that it is the official profile for your company
  • Considering adding a hashtag in your profile that is specific to your brand so that people know that it belongs to you.
  • Including your physical location in it if any
  • Making sure that the images are consistent with all your other social media properties and
  • Keeping in mind that the hashtags and keywords used in your Instagram bio are not indexed which means these will not show up in search.

Therefore, instead of using your bio to entice the search traffic make sure that you use it effectively to articulate clearly about your brand. This will encourage the followers for Instagram to click-through to your website and even subscribe to your emails and newsletters.

Partner with influencers

If you want a wider reach and a better conversion then you should partner with some of the best-known influencers. This will help you to reach to the potential customers more quickly because these influencers will already have built an audience and a large fan following. Therefore, if you partner with these industry influencers it will be easier for you to present your brand out in a more effective manner to your users.

  • The primary reason to work with influencers is that more and more people feel comfortable to buy services or products depending on what they see in their news feed from any influential user that they usually follow. It is all about trust.
  • To ensure this you will first need to identify a few influencers for your specific business type who have a follower who is relevant to your product or service. This will help you a great deal in promoting your product and brand through their Instagram page.
  • You will then gain thousands of more comments and likes with an increased chance of your post and contents to be shared amongst others.
  • That means you will now have an increased chance of exposing your brand to more potential customers as well as to the new followers all through a single post making it more cost effective and productive.

If you think that these are all short term gains that you can also make through direct sales through your email marketing campaign then these long term benefits of working with an influencer and building a strong relationship will encourage you more.

  • Through the influencer, you will find that it is much easier to build long-lasting brand awareness with your existing as well as the new audience.
  • If you work out properly and play all your cards right, such an influencer will pave your path to work with a top influencer in the future to get millions of likes.

However, influencers need not be well-known celebs only. It can be any of your existing users as well. You can use their posts and photos submitted to create a better and more appealing User Generated Content and post it to influence other people to buy your product.

Use interactive branded hashtag

If you want to create an instant engagement through your emails to your customers you will need to use more relevant and interactive hashtags.

  • This will also help your customers to use it to post other user-generated contents as well.
  • This will help them to search through all those posts that are related to your brand.
  • You will be able to search through the images easily if you consider posting them again on your own page.

Ideally, these hashtag created for another user to search is actually free advertising for your company. This is because your company is exposed to the followers each time a user uses this tag to post a photo. Therefore, make sure that your branded hashtag is more like a phrase or a brand slogan.

No matter what type of matter you are posting on Instagram, you must make sure that you post them just at the right time to engage your users more and create a better chance to gain more email subscribers. The best time to post is to be on the news feed of the users regularly is during peak days and hours when the users are active and online.

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Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. You can visit followers for Instagram for more information.