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Marketing Strategies For The Filipino Market



marketing strategies for the filipino market

In multicultural marketing, organizations are mainly focused on the Filipino market. Hence, the importance of Filipino Translation Services has increased twofold. Based on reports from the U.S. Census Bureau and the most recent American Community Survey (ACS), nearly four million Filipinos in the United States, with 1.6 million living in California alone. 

This is the second-highest number in the United States. Asian Americans in the U.S. and Tagalog are second just to Chinese in terms of the most widely used native language in the home, aside from English.

Why Does The Filipino Market Matters?

In general, the Filipino population understands English very well compared to other immigrants living in U.S. Furthermore, most people from the Philippines have legal status. Still, an increasing number of people are covered by the DACA program and are in a less stable situation.

Although reaching out using a different language can have an impact, if it is available, the general population is proficient in English, and there are plenty of possibilities for marketers.

But even if there is a slight possibility that a segment of the Filipino community might not be proficient in the English language or might prefer their native tongue, then Professional Filipino Translation Services can enable organizations to translate and localize their content for them. 

From publications with content focused on the needs of the people of the U.S. as well as overseas to understanding the critical areas of this population to use vital statistics, this population has a substantial multicultural audience, particularly in California.

Marketing Process In The Philippines

The marketing process in the Philippines can be complicated. However, it has benefits. The Philippines has a rich cultural market influenced by Western and traditional practices. 

So, a company looking to expand into the Philippines requires a change in approach to the changing market, conducting research, taking help from Professional Translation services, and then implementing marketing strategies that are readily acceptable to people in the Filipino market. 

One of the most important aspects is that Filipinos are awe by social media and the internet.

This article outlines and reviews the top tips for advertising and marketing across the Philippines. Continue reading if you’re trying to establish your brand in this marketplace.

Use Fun

One of the simplest yet most arduous methods to get people’s interest (and keep it) is by making people smile.

Meme marketing is among the types of viral marketing where brands use natural interactions and people’s word of mouth from social network users. The most important aspect of a comedy campaign is understanding context, knowing what makes the market laugh, what makes it funny, and presenting the content in a relatable way. 

So if you aim to communicate with a large audience, getting help from agencies such as Translation Services would be a fruitful endeavor. 

Utilize The Potential In Storytelling

Nowadays, where we stare at screens on phones every day, it’s natural to desire human connection when browsing the web. The effectiveness of storytelling has prove to be successful among Filipinos, and the market is awed by web content with stories they can connect with.

The best way to create compelling stories is by knowing the market’s daily needs.

Markets Should Be Provided With The Most Competitive Price

Due to the Covid-driven Economic Turmoil in the Philippines, Filipinos have grown more competent in how they spend their money.

It was discovered that Filipinos are waiting to see sales every month before purchasing items on the internet. This market makes the most use of free shipping vouchers, cashback, and discounts. It also considers carefully before buying goods by ensuring that they investigate the most affordable price for the most quantity.

Short-Form Content Trend

Instagram and TikTok are the third and fourth most used social media platforms Filipinos use until 2022. Seventy-six percent of Filipino internet users use Instagram, and 68 percent use TikTok. The key to success? Short-form video content.

The world is moving faster than ever, and younger generations can enjoy videos that don’t exceed the three-minute mark. The constant scrolling on social media amid hectic schedules requires videos full of details and only takes a few seconds.

What will this mean for companies that want to expand into the Philippines? That means they need to keep up with the times and develop marketing content on TikTok or Instagram. It could be funny or engaging, or even informative content. 

Companies must consider short-length videos to see if they intend to appeal to Gen Zs and younger millennials. But it’s also essential to make the content multilingual. Because if you don’t do that, people might not be able to understand your message. Hence, get hold of a translation service, such as Thai translation services, and get your content translated. 

Wrapping Up 

In the article, we discussed how organizations could communicate within the Philippines. 

The vital thing to consider is that it will be difficult for a firm to convey its message effectively without assistance from translation services. 

Hence, one must consult professional translation services if one wants to offer a product or service to the Filipino community. 

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