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Marketing Your Business Using Great Photos



Marketing Your Business

Even in today’s world, where technology reigns supreme, the photograph is still a huge part of our society. It’s used to capture moments using devices we keep in our pockets, and they are now shared more rapidly than ever.

For businesses, the photograph is a way you can stand out online amongst your competitors and other noise that is popping up on the Internet. But now, with so much happening online every minute, you need to make sure your photos are great.

They need to be original, they need to stand out, and they need to be impressive.

But how can you do this? It’s easier said than done, and there is no specific recipe for creating great photos to market your business.

Here are a few things to think about when you’re taking new photos for your business:


Get Familiar With Photoshop

Just taking photos and posting them is not good enough in today’s era. It’s all about filters, shadows, contrast, and making colors pop more than they really should.

There are a ton of simple features in Photoshop that can really make your images stand out, like adding a simple shadow to the main subject of your image or adding a neon glow to the background.

There are a million things to look into when you use Photoshop on your photos, and the more time you spend using this program, then better you’ll get at it.

By using brightness, contrast, shadows, transparency and more, you can quickly take your photos to the next level. It might cost you a few dollars to purchase Photoshop, but it’s worth the price you’ll pay.


Plan Out a Strategy

You want your photos to look consistent and there should be a strategy behind the photos you are taking for your business’s website.

If you are using a plain white background for your product shots, then use that same strategy across all of your photos. Use the same effects and have the products the same distance from the camera.

If you have a close-up shot from the waist up of someone, do the same for everyone.

Consistency is key when taking new photos for your website if you want to make them really stand out.


Get Real Equipment

If you’re going to be taking photos for your website and social media on a consistent basis, you might want to look into purchasing high-quality equipment. There are tons of things you can buy to help with your photos:

  • Camera. This is the obvious one, but also the most expensive. A good camera means you can adjust the settings more and have more possibilities when taking photos. Many people just use their mobile phones, so using a high-quality camera could make a big difference when competing for screen time with your competitors.
  • Tripod. Rather than holding the camera and taking photos, a camera stand could help you get some unique shots.
  • Lenses. New lenses can really make your images jump to the next level. While expensive and maybe confusing, lenses are certainly something to check out.
  • Backgrounds. If you’re taking product shots or stand up photos of people, an indoor background might be a good investment. 
  • Photo Editing Software. I mentioned it above, but a program like Photoshop can completely change the way your photos will turn out. You can do wonders with this type of software and you can completely change your images.

By having some high-quality equipment on hand, you will be able to consistency take great photos for your website quite easily. It will completely change the way you do things for your business and will help you be self-sufficient when taking the photos you want, rather than hiring someone.


Take Your Time

Now that you’ve gotten a few tips about taking great photos for your business so you can market yourself correctly online, it’s time to do the work.

Go grab a camera – or your smartphone if it’s all you have – and start shooting some photos. You’ll learn as you practice, and you’ll practice as you just do it.

So take your time and try out some new things.

Jeanine Gordon has written extensively on content strategy and marketing. In addition to working as a full-time editor and writer at, Jeanine provides content strategy to clients across every sector, specializing in the HR and Recruiting industry. When not crafting brilliant content, Jeanine is at home in Vancouver, BC, spending time with her husband and two kids.