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Meet Francis Volpe Co-founder of Y Not You Media



Meet Francis Volpe Co-founder of Y Not You Media

Co-founder Francis Volpe of Y Not You Media, a New York-based digital marketing agency, has taken his love of positively impacting people by implementing his talent for creating content to be used by individuals and businesses in order to increase their exposure and differentiate themselves in their market. He has quickly become one of the most sought out content strategists in Westchester, NY along with his business partner Tony Pec and Creative Director Mark Supik.

Francis and Y Not You Media have worked with businesses in a multitude of industries that include real estate, finance and food establishments, just to name a few.

Immense hard work has made success possible. Francis has demonstrated the ability to take basic concepts and turn them into a story that is captivating, educational and valuable. 

Francis was born in Westchester, NY and raised by his mother. Growing up he participated in many sports where he learned the value of hard work and dedication.  Due to his commitment to hard work and dedication, he went on to play college football at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. 

Francis watched his mother become a successful public school teacher, union leader, and take on other jobs as well, in order to provide him with life without struggle. In addition to participating in team sports, watching his mother work extremely hard furthermore instilled the importance of obligation to your craft.   

While Francis was preparing for life after college, days after graduating, Francis lost his grandmother to cancer.  She had never missed a moment of his activities and achievements and was an enormously important and influential person in his life, so not able to attend his graduation from college was an emotional setback. He promised her before she passed that he will do something amazing. Although at that time he was unsure what that would be, he knew he would figure it out.  In order to fulfil his promise he jumped into the corporate world, working as an insurance agent and loan officer. Grateful for everything he learned during his time in both professions he knew it was not the right fit and needed to find his passion. 

Francis began stunt training and coaching as an assistant on the varsity hockey team for his former high school, Fordham prep.  Francis has appeared in a few top TV shows as a stuntman and last season Fordham’s hockey team achieved top honours locally and appeared in the state competition.  Francis continues to work in stunts and coach.  

In 2018, Francis made a decision to take a risk and open his own company, entering into the digital marketing field.  He instantly realized he was now on the right path, it provided him with a creative outlet. In only six months Y Not You Media had become a six-figure company.  Y Not You Media creators have begun to travel the country producing content for both big and smaller market businesses.

Francis is dedicated to creating the most captivating content for his clients. He along with his team develops a personal connection with each client in order to best understand what they are looking for. 

Francis suggests that anyone who is looking to obtain success should surround themselves around positive, driven, and ambitious people and don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams. 

Francis believes that waking up each day to do something you love is worth the risk and success do not have a timeline.  He is confident that giving perfect effort will eventually lead to success for anyone chasing their dreams.  


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