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Micro influencers: how to work with them



Micro influencers: how to work with them

They are in high demand right now and you don’t have to be marketing expect to have noticed the rise of the micro influencers, a category of content creators with a much smaller number of followers than online celebrities. However, it is the high engagement and genuine content put out there by that content army that makes brands want to work with them – and agencies to shift budget to accommodate micro influencers in a variety of marketing campaigns.

Besides an ROI that can be up to 10 times higher than content creators with millions of followers – and commanding fees well into six digits – if you are choosing to work with small influencers, chances are that your budget will not accommodate a post by Beyoncé or one of the Kardashians. This is absolutely fine, also.

So, instead of getting obsessed about the number of followers or likes an influencer has, look carefully at meaningful engagement: comments left under a post on Instagram, the number of shares a piece of content has on Facebook, etc. These are meaningful interactions to keep in mind.

Micro influencers: how to work with them

When looking for your next group of micro-influencers to work with, you may want to consider:


Found an influencer that you would love to work with? Don’t rush to reach out.

Put the chosen influencer(s) under a little watch list (tip: follow them and enable notifications for two weeks). Get to know an influencer by observing the frequency of their posts, and the quality and consistency of the content you have fallen in love with. Doing so will either confirm that you have found the right influencer to collaborate with your brand or not.

Some of the content creators I have worked recently for successful Influencer marketing campaigns have been on my radar for quite a while. The right people will bring the right exposure and results for your brand and clients.


Never contact an influencer (or anyone that you want to work with) until you have a clear idea of what you want from that person. And no, that isn’t that 85-slide PowerPoint presentation you have about your company. This is the real task. In other words, you need to clarify exactly which product or service you will have the influencer talking about and when this will be released.


Hiring a new influencer to work with you is a bit like hiring someone to work at your office: you want to make sure you both ‘click’ and that the person will be a bonus, not a burden, once you start to work together. Ask questions almost as if it was a job interview (any travel plans? Family? Strong personality assets?) Also allow some opportunity for the influencer to convince you that it is a win-win partnership because you really don’t want someone that is only doing it for the money.


Some may say ‘Never change a winning team or formula’. However, in an era where information and content are created at the speed of light, there is a burden on brands to never live on past successes. Even if your initial collaboration with micro or established influencers are doing well, be prepared to up the game with new requirements, new ideas and new ways to showcase your product and services. There is no bulletproof influencer marketing strategy, especially no marketing strategy that will last forever. Get ahead of the game and dare to evolve your brand’s strategy.

PHOTO: Marcio Delgado

Marcio Delgado is a Journalist, speaker, Influencer Marketing Manager and a Content Producer working with brands and publications in Europe, America and Asia.