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Online Reputation Management: How You Can Fix Negative Branding



Online Reputation Management: How You Can Fix Negative Branding

Have you woken up to negative comments and reviews around your business? It could be a Ripoff Report, a platform that is known to be notorious and has hurt several brands. Or it could be negative news stories about your brand. Whatever it may be, negative branding can hurt your business and if you don’t take the right steps at the right time in countering them it can potentially serve as a deathblow for your brand. It can bring down customer acquisition, increase customer attrition, and become an obstacle towards hiring the right talent in your organization.

A bad review or news story may have been posted by a rival to harm your business in a highly competitive world. It can be from a disgruntled employee who is seeking revenge or it can be a genuine customer who has been unknowingly let down by your business. Without debating ethics and morals we must state that negative branding hurts your business. This is more so in a tech-savvy world where your actual reputation is as good as what is posted about you online. And you can’t be suing every person and organization and even doing so doesn’t fix your problem.

The fix for negative branding is what is known as Online Reputation Management or ORM. By working on the right ORM strategy you can get rid of negative branding.

Here are three Online Reputation Management strategies that can help you deal with negative branding.

  1. Burying Negative Posts

    Do you care to visit the second or third page of Google search? Chances are most of your potential customers won’t be doing so either. Negative branding hurts you when they are visible to your customers and potential ones. If they are among the first few searches on Google they can hurt you but when they are buried deep below positive content their threat is neutralized. Using SEO and other content marketing strategies it is possible to bury negative posts.

  2. Spreading Positivity

    The antidote of negative branding is without doubt positive branding. By publishing positive stories about your brand which includes testimonials from customers and how you have solved customer problems you will be able to grow your business. This can also prevent negative campaigns from harming your business. When customers identify with your brand and have built trust in it they aren’t likely to fall for negative stories.  

  3. Monitoring Reputation

    Would you have reacted to the negative press better if you knew when it was published? Online Reputation Management is all about guarding your brand’s image against any hostile attempt to malign it. Like you keep your tools and data safe using firewalls and other programs you also need to constantly monitor what is being said and written about you online. There are tools that constantly monitor your online reputation and raise alerts whenever something negative is written about you. By monitoring your reputation you can kill the negative campaign in its infancy rather than allowing it to inflate into something big.

Online Reputation Management is vital to your businesses’ online visibility and brand image in this increasingly tech-savvy world. Work with a professional team and deal with all negative branding campaigns before they do any serious damage to your brand.



In this write-up, we take a look at how you can fix negative branding with Online Reputation Management and how it helps you.

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