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Productivity And Value – How Social Media Help With It?



Productivity And Value – How Social Media Help With It?

This is the world of globalization where everything is happening online, on the internet. The power of this digital world is so strong that, the existence of physical stores would be very rare in the coming years.  There are now platforms available which allow people to share words, knowledge, images, and information with each other. Such platforms have also made it easier for individuals to communicate with each other. Yes, these are none other than the social media platforms, which are not just being used for entertainment but also for business. A social media company in Karachi would be responsible for managing the marketing practices on social media for business.

These social technologies are unlocking some tremendous ideas, which weren’t available in the traditional methods of marketing. The process is also being accelerated and transformed by the wide adoption of smartphones. Social networks are being recognized globally, as they add value to businesses and companies. They have all the benefits which companies need for their marketing practices.

  • The success of the business is dependent on brand recognition and the perception which customers hold.
  • Helps to build credibility as it is very important when it comes to selling products and services.
  • Digital distribution of products and services.

here we have also listed some of the ways through which social technologies can add further value to your business

Ways Through Which Social Technology Adds Value:

  1. Demand Forecasting:

Business can multiply the potential sources of information, that are related to demand. Companies can also obtain more accurate data about their customers. This helps in better inventory control and better placement of stock, as stock would be placed on those outlets where sales are high. Social media would also help in analyzing who the real and actual customers are, therefore making it feasible for your business to target those customers. Hence, it depends on the businesses process also on how to make efficient use of technology.

  1. Distribute Business Process:

There are many companies, who are using input from customers while providing their products and services. An example of it could be Google maps as it uses input from users to locate and qualify mapping errors. Through the input, they provide customer services

  1. Co-Create Products:

All the companies who are using social platforms can generate a lot of ideas from the whole community, this can range from product ideas also. However, you need to evaluate these ideas and then continue to modify them as per your needs and demands. You can create multiple options, you can also allow your customers to design the product themselves, customization has always produced successful results.

  1. Lead Generation:

All sales opportunities require expensive marketing and advertising. All the companies are now discovering the power of social networks to attract customers and drive inbound inquiries. There are many professional companies using social networks to market their businesses. Not just this but many software companies are also using online tools in order to become experts in their own field.

  1. Market Research:

Market research can be very costly and takes a lot of time. Social technologies have made things a lot easier now, you can just search online and gather tons of information. You can also access the information of your competitors very easily. There are also tools available which measure the sentiments, it allows companies to see feedback from their potential customers. Brand health can also be easily checked through chatter online.

  1. Social Commerce:

All of us become experts when it comes to giving advice and recommendations about something. We also tend to listen to the recommendations by our own friends and family, then you should also know that social commerce is a recommendation site for customers. It recommends customers on what they may like. Whenever you make an online purchase you also come across the section of you may like products. These products are similar to the products which you’ve viewed before. This helps in improving the conversion rates for stores.

  1. Customer Care:

Customers are the main gist of any business, without them no business could prosper further. There are also some PR packages sent to influencers so that businesses can portray a positive image in the eyes of customers. As customers believe in blogging these days and good word of mouth is what matters for businesses the most.

Alex Riyan is a digital marketing expert and freelance content writer. Alex have worked with numerous digital agencies from where he learnt so much about digital marketing. Beside it Alex willing to write about latest trends such as new invention, technology, business, and more, through which his knowledge keep increasing day by day.