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How Ryan Montgomery’s Internet Marketing Expertise Spearheaded a Social Movement Against Addiction



How Ryan Montgomery’s Internet Marketing Expertise Spearheaded a Social Movement Against Addiction

Social media is a boon not only for businesses looking to expand their reach and amp up their sales but also for those who need emotional and behavioral help. Thanks to its free, peer-to-peer connections and global connectivity, recovering addicts worldwide are making use of the internet to get a feel of instant gratification. Fortunately, sobriety is one of the rare cases where social media is 100 percent positive, and many support communities and influencers are taking an active interest in it. Ryan Montgomery is one such digital maven who is making use of his Internet Marketing prowess to spearhead a social movement against addiction.

Ryan Montgomery is the CEO and Partial Owner of the Boca Recovery Center. He is also a Certified Ethical Hacker and has licenses in Computer Forensics and Information Computer/Network Forensics and Microsoft/Linux/Apple Certified System Administration. Montgomery is someone who loves to wear his multiple hats with panache. He is not just an established organizational developer and innovator, but also a leader who has spearheaded a social media movement against addiction with much aplomb.

Montgomery started learning about computers when he was just 10-years-old. Soon he became popular in the hacking communities and created some exploits that were used for blackhat marketing and manipulating computer systems. While he did exceptionally well in the field, he developed a drug addiction that landed him in jail. Upon his release, he was fueled with a mission to help those struggling with addiction, just like himself. So, he joined hands with Christopher Ferry and started Boca Recovery Center, where he uses his Internet marketing and development knowledge to brand their road to recovery facilities.

Ryan is using his social media influence to change the lives of struggling addicts around the world. He believes that it is all about creating a ripple effect: as more and more people are making use of social media to find support and share their own stories, the negativity attached around the stigma is decreasing. All while broadening the conversation and going beyond the prejudices. Montgomery states that it is extremely pivotal for people to know that recovery is an achievable outcome, something that is reflected loud and clear through his daily posts.

Ryan spends countless hours promoting his vision and acts as the leader and innovator of the addiction treatment industry. Along with his partner Christopher Ferry, Montgomery also created a scholarship foundation – Badgley Scholarship Foundation – that offered one full treatment stay, per month, for the first year that they were open. By the end of their inaugural year, the Boca Recovery Center had provided not just 12, but a total of 31 scholarships to individuals in need of treatment.

The internet, especially social media, can lead to healthy behaviors when used in the right manner. Especially when it gives an outlet for people to come forward with their struggles and put a face to the problem, and garner much-needed support.

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