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Sales Prospecting Strategy: Unique Strategies for Sales Professionals



When it comes to sales prospecting for B2B businesses, no other social media platform can beat LinkedIn.

However, you will only get desired results if you know what you are doing.

LinkedIn is a vast platform, but if you learn to target your audience with the use of the right filters, you will open floodgates to business leads.

To ramp up your LinkedIn lead generation, you need three things.

  • A powerful strategy
  • Skill in extracting prospects
  • Powerful LinkedIn automation tool

If you have all three, no force on earth can stop you from generating sales and leads.

If you are new to linked sales prospecting and you are not familiar with any strategy yet, you are in luck. We will help you know in detail about

  • Sales prospecting
  • Top 10 strategies for LinkedIn sales prospecting
  • Best LinkedIn automation tools for LinkedIn sales prospecting

If you are ready to start your professional journey in LinkedIn sales prospecting, let’s begin.


What Is Sales Prospecting?

By now, you might have seen so many people using the word “sales prospecting” already, but most people get confused between prospects and prospecting.

If you don’t know, let’s break it down for you.

LinkedIn sales prospecting is a method used to extract the right prospects according to the ideal client for your business.

LinkedIn cold prospecting is just like cold calling. Here you launch a LinkedIn outreach campaign by using the prospects list you have extracted using the LinkedIn sales navigator tool.

Top 6 LinkedIn Sales Prospecting Methods

As a beginner, if you are interested in knowing about the best LinkedIn prospecting methods, we have made it easy for you with this guide. Within this guide, you will find:

  • Use of LinkedIn navigator tool filters for extracted the right audience
  • Launch LinkedIn outreach campaigns with the help of the LinkedIn automation tools
  • Launch social selling campaign
  • Use a multichannel campaign for InMail messages
  • Use personalized messages for attention and follow-ups for maturing leads
  • Use LinkedIn groups to hunt down active prospects in the industry

Why Are Sales Prospecting Important for Your Business?

We know that LinkedIn sales prospecting has a bad reputation attached to it because it mainly helps you target people for product selling. However, for sellers trying to maximize the sales, this is a goldmine.

LinkedIn is the only platform that can help your laser target your prospects based on sales interest.

However, hasty decisions and bad selling strategies can affect your sales even if you have a strong prospects list.

If you straight up send a sales message on LinkedIn, there is no way it will get converted into sales.

Let’s face it, and no one likes an annoying salesperson sending them sales messages daily.

On the contrary, if you learn about your customer, build a relationship, and then offer your product as a solution to their pain points – there is a high chance you will close a sale.

To avoid committing the same mistake of sending sales messages only, here are some alternative practices to try.

Build an Ideal Buyer Persona

You know your product more than anyone. Who do you think will buy it?

Ask yourself these simple questions, and then take some time to build an ideal buyer persona accordingly.

Match the Buyer Person to Seek Leads

Now that you know who your ideal buyer will be, you are ready to use the LinkedIn sales navigator for seeking leads.

LinkedIn has 870 million users. To find your ideal customer, you need a powerful tool with a lot of filters. This is where the sales navigator will help. You can filter your prospects based on location, designation, interest, and more.

Get Ready to Launch Campaign

After sorting your prospects, the next step is to launch the campaign. As a beginner launching your outreach sales campaign, the process can be daunting because there is so much to decide. You need to set a goal, have a powerful message, and set a follow-up rate. This also requires in-depth knowledge, constant monitoring, and a lot of time.

This is why you need a LinkedIn automation tool as a beginner. If you buy a good cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool like linked camp, you need to have your prospect list.

By using that prospect list, you can launch your successful outreach sales campaign that will bring you a good number of sales for your business.

Why Is LinkedIn A Game-Changer?

We know LinkedIn is crowded with a salesperson. We also know that getting so many sales messages can annoy your customer. This is the reason why you need to learn how to walk the thin thread of overuse and underuse.

For LinkedIn, the first goal for every business is to generate sales by using LinkedIn prospecting campaigns. And there is no denying the fact that LinkedIn is the sales haven for B2B businesses.

LinkedIn is the number one social media business portal among business owners and employees globally. It has 40% of monthly users. LinkedIn also has 91% of the best marketers from around the globe.

According to 79% of the B2B marketers, LinkedIn is the best and most trusted lead-generating platform.

These states clearly explain that LinkedIn is a game-changer for B2B businesses.

If you have a premium account and you use a LinkedIn sales navigator, you can easily filter your prospects based on designation, location, active status, and more.

Once you have the prospects list, the outreach campaign will become easy. Although this phase is easy, however as a beginner, there is a high chance that you will mess up this stage. Strategizing a good outreach campaign is tricky, just like searching for your best prospects. With the right tools and the right skills, you can master an outreach campaign in no time.


If you are a beginner, using a good LinkedIn automation tool can help you reap the benefits of these golden prospects you have generated via the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Some of the benefits that you will be able to avail yourself with a good LinkedIn automation tool


  • Impeccable, tried, and tested outreach messages templates
  • Reach out to the influential people in your industry to build your authority in your niche
  • Build a strong social engagement with contacts
  • Improve your reach
  • Get warm, relevant leads

To summarize, LinkedIn provides a better and more relevant audience and visibility for your business.

You must also focus on quality content regularly to add a more powerful punch.

Now that we know about sales prospecting let’s look at some of the most powerful strategies.




Sales prospecting is identifying and contacting potential customers to sell products or services. Prospecting can be done through various channels like email, phone, or face-to-face meetings. LinkedIn is the best social media platform for sales prospecting because of its vast user base and the ability to target your audience using filters. To ramp up your LinkedIn lead generation, you need a powerful strategy, skills in extracting prospects, and a powerful LinkedIn automation tool. If you have all three, no force on earth can stop you from generating sales and leads.