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The Best Social Networking Site for Engagement: Instagram



The Best Social Networking Site for Engagement: Instagram

The world of social media is extremely interesting and it has been helping people to stay connected with each other at all times. With the numerous social media platforms, it becomes difficult to understand, which one is the best. According to numerous studies, it has been revealed that people are more interested in Instagram in comparison to other platforms. Instagram has been gaining a lot of popularity since its debut in the year 2010. According to, Instagram has 1 billion users, and this number is growing constantly. If you are looking for engagement, Instagram is definitely the best. In fact, the beauty of this platform is making marketers fall in love with Instagram.

Given below is a list of the reasons as to why Instagram is great at engagement.

The mobile functionality

You can use Instagram easily when you are moving from one place to another. It is one of the mobile-exclusive platforms and you can also add your images before you post them. Apart from that, Instagram is capable of providing a unique experience, which helps in attracting marketers and influencers naturally. Also, this app can be used in a simple manner and you are not going to face any hassles when you are using it.

The visual nature

It has been observed that people are more interested in visuals in comparison to reading texts. They can gather more information through visuals and this is why marketers prefer visual marketing currently. There is no denying the fact that Instagram is visual in nature and also the ideal place for marketers, currently. When you open Instagram, you are going to come across numerous images posted by individuals, influencers, or brands. The way the pictures are displayed makes it visually appealing for each and every user, and this is why they prefer Instagram in comparison to the other social media sites. You can also get real Instagram likes by going through reputed websites.


Instagram is completely different in comparison to other social media applications like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and the reason behind this is the simplicity of the platform. It has been attracting a young audience and it is also good to mention that most of the Instagrammers are under the age of 30. This helps in providing energy and charm, which the old brands have lost.


Instagram is responsible for offering posts, which are available publicly, like Twitter, but it is also responsible for providing a greater spam control as well as tight and secured personal networks. This is not limited to only a single social function, like LinkedIn, which is used mostly for building the professional network. With Instagram, it is easier for the brands to reach a huge section of people as well. This is extremely beneficial for both the small as well as large brands on Instagram because they can easily reach their potential customers spread across different parts of the globe. Since there is a number of users, people also prefer interacting more.


It is time that you step into the world of Instagram even if you have accounts in the other social media platforms. If you are still confused, consider all the reasons that have been mentioned above.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram likes for her postings.