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The Best Way to Showcase Your Business



The Best Way to Showcase Your Business

People Buy People, NOT Products.

Imagine This

Put yourself into this mindset just for a second. 

You are a college freshman. You just moved from Kentucky to Idaho to attend school with no friends, no family, & barely enough money to pay for tuition. Luckily for you, there is an opportunity to flip packs of sports cards that you got for a pretty penny. Pretty sweet deal, huh? Well, who are you going to sell to? Thinking long and hard, you realize that there is only one option. Network.

You think of all these ambitious selling goals without truly having a sales process, but you come across an article that tells you “People Buy People, NOT Products”. What could that even mean?


Okay So What Does People Buy People Mean?

You aren’t just selling packs of sports cards because you are looking for the fastest way to the cash, you are selling them on the idea of working with you & the experience they receive from buying your wonderful product or service. The sports pack hardly matters in this situation. People want to buy from you because they feel a connection with you. The cultivated relationship is what truly matters. With this in mind, there are two types of salespeople in this world:

1) This is the superior sports pack out on the market featuring all these great NBA players. The cards inside are great and you may even get an autograph. Are you ready to buy?

2) Hey, I’m Collin, do you go to school here? Where you from? That’s awesome man, I actually have a cousin that lives up in New York, and he just hooked me up with these super sick sports cards. Do you watch sports at all?


Option two is the superior salesperson. Here’s Why:

Reason #1: 

Option 1 attempts to sell a product to a customer that may not even have a use for it. 

Option 2 NEVER mentions the fact that this salesperson is selling a product. They are simply attempting to create a relationship with this individual by asking questions about their personal life. People like to talk about themselves.  

Reason #2:

Option 1 has no credibility to the seller. Who are you to say that these packs are superior? It is up to the client’s discretion.  

Option 2 is building rapport and credibility by focusing on an individual’s traits & characteristics. You want to understand this person for who they are NOT just to make the sale.    


Relate This to My Life

So why provide this little anecdote? In life, your goal is to sell your qualities, characteristics, ambitions to a future employer, lover, friend, etc. If a potential buyer CAN’T relate to you or they DON’T trust you, you’re screwed.

If you come hot out of the gate trying desperately to sell your product or service, consumers are going to sniff that out. They realize that you aren’t there for their best interest, you’re there because you want their money to pay the bills. Have the ability to realize that people don’t buy things, they buy people. 

When you go to Costco, you may not even be looking for a new Roku TV, but you instantly click with that salesperson that connects with you. You buy the TV because you like the way to salesperson interacted and asked you questions about yourself. Even on a smaller scale, why do you think people are willing to pay $10 for a burger at a restaurant when they can likely get the same burger at McDonald’s for half the price? It’s the experience, the customer service. Chick-fil-A could charge $10 for a chicken sandwich if they wanted because people appreciate the experience they get at Chick-fil-A over a different restaurant. 


Advice for Your Business- Try This Out

So think about your business. What are you selling? Who would be interested in such a product or service? Figure that aspect out & then begin talking to people. Try this for me, humour me. Don’t even bring up what you’re selling for the first five minutes. Chat that person up, ask them about their New Year goals. 

Because even if they aren’t interested in what you’re selling, they may know someone that is. It’s that relationship you created that can foster future relationships and help your business thrive. Go out there and attack and remember that People Buy People, NOT Products. 


Collin Hernandez is the founder of Klout Marketing, a digital marketing agency that helps local businesses generate an increased in leads through a self-driving vehicle by following a 3-Step process from the offer of your product to the execution of your positioning. He currently is a Senior at Creighton University and found out that he has a true knack for engaging in the latest entrepreneurial skill sets and the sustainability of a happy lifestyle. His true passion is to assist others in figuring out what truly makes them happy in life and to go out and attack one's goals!