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The Loops in Your Sales Funnel…Why Your Marketing Strategy isn’t Working



The Loops in Your Sales Funnel...Why Your Marketing Strategy isn't Working

A sales funnel is like a web: everything is interconnected. An ad sends potential customers to your landing page, then to your email list, then to an upsell page, and so on. The success of one page relies on the previous page. For example, no matter how stunning your landing page is, if your Ad converts poorly, the landing page will not be as effective.

Therefore a single loop is enough to compromise the efficiency of your sales funnel. 

The mistake most entrepreneurs make is focusing on one page and neglecting the other. You’ll find businesses with a convincing ad but a disorganized landing page. Or a well-elaborated home page but a terrible checkout page. 

To create an airtight sales funnel, start by fixing the little holes you didn’t even know existed. 


Copy: Are Your Words Highly Convincing? 

Being excellent at designing your pages is great. But, it isn’t enough, you need copy that supports your design. You need copy that speaks to the emotions of your readers. 

Words can make or break your business.

Feelings control human behavior. When you feel hungry, you’ll eat, when in pain you’ll cry. The same applies to marketing.  No matter how much we disagree, the fact is people buy based on emotions but use logic to justify their actions.

Remember the last item that you bought… would you say that you bought it entirely for logical reasons?

No. You might want to convince yourself so, but emotions had a very big part to play in your actions.

Look at the following sentences; 

Sleep comfortably with the new ‘night long’ mattresses.


Are you craving a soothing, warm, and comfy bed? Sleep better tonight with our new ‘night long’ mattresses.

The second sentence is likely to sell more because unconsciously, it has triggered a customer’s feelings of discomfort that he/she didn’t even know existed.

That’s exactly what you need to do. Don’t just scribble words, play with them. Increase your convincing power by tuning your audience’s emotions. Allow your words to create an urge that people did not even know existed. 


The Do’s of a Professional Looking Sales Funnel Pages (Websites & Landing Pages Included)

Having a professional outlook is essential for your funnel. Below are six Do’s of achieving an expert outlook on your funnel pages.  

Do a color combination that reflects your brand. Colors have permanent implications on the mood of a visitor. The theme colors of your site should match your brand. Don’t just select any color because you think it would look good. Choose subtle colors if you are projecting something serious and bright colors if you are selling fun-based services. 

Do short sentences where possible. This makes your work more scannable. Also, avoid long paragraphs, especially when talking about the main points. Long paragraphs easily bore a reader. 

Do proper image usage. The images you attach to your page should complement your text. Pictures work perfectly when used to elaborate a point already listed or to give a visual projection. Also, the image shouldn’t be distracting. It should simply portray what you are trying to sell.

Do proper customization. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Make your pages stand out. People are attracted to something they find unique. Luckily, most softwares and ready-made funnels have various customization options. All you need to do is drag and drop.

Do make navigation easy. Your visitors should have an easier time navigating your site. The search button, CTA, and other vital details should be easy to spot. People always prefer the easier way out. 

Do use the right font. Customers and all visitors, in general, are often in a hurry. The bigger the font, the faster it takes to scan through your page. Also, bold, capitalize, or use a different font for your CTAs and important points to make them hard to miss.


Open Customer Conversation 

Most entrepreneurs speak AT their clients instead of TO them. Talking AT someone can be misinterpreted as harsh, inconsiderate, or authoritative. This doesn’t sell. People prefer to be talked TO in a warm, friendly, and understanding way.

The difference between the two is expressed in the tone of your funnel. When someone is reading anything, they unconsciously do it in a specific tone. Intonation depends on the words, punctuation marks, font, flow, and even text color.

Portraying a harsh tone in your message may fail your entire marketing strategy. 

Secondly, when replying to customers, inquiries, or comments, try as hard as possible to maintain an open conversation. Don’t be too quick to shut down the conversation. Instead, issue open-ended replies that allow a follow-up question when necessary.

Use words like thank you, sorry, welcome, I hear you, I will work on that to make customers feel heard, understood, and appreciated. If you are polite, people are more likely to revisit your site than when rude. Plus, customers are often susceptible, they prefer being pampered. Ensure that your messages are attractive, not repelling. 


Compelling CTAs

Call To Action (CTA) is what helps you close the deal. You’ve already informed your client about your product, listed the benefits and all the necessary additional information. Now it’s time to make a sale.

A good CTA is direct and elaborate. For example, ‘Click Here To Begin Your Free Trial.’ This is straightforward, whereby a person knows that when I click on this link, I’ll start my free trial. 

Avoid deploying a vague CTA, i.e., ‘Click Here.’ This is very indirect. A customer may hesitate because they don’t know what is on the other side of the link. 

Another characteristic of a strong call to action is that it creates a sense of urgency. It is important to note that feeling pressure and urgency is not the same thing. Make your customer feel like they are running out of time without exerting obvious unnecessary pressure. 

Aways use contrasting colors and adopt a different font to make it stand out from the rest of the text. This way, a visitor can’t assume the CTA regardless of the position. 

Lastly, employ action words. Use words like click, get, purchase, download, open, which point out what exactly needs to be done.  

Remember, a good page without a compelling CTA is like a beautiful car without a steering wheel.  You will just admire its beauty but can’t do much with it. 

TerDawn DeBoe has had an affinity for music, creativity, and Entrepreneurship all of her life. After finding a passion for graphic design and marketing, she became a full-time entrepreneur starting InnovativEdge Marketing (now known as Creative Thought Solutions) which has provided services for AT&T, The Urban League of Greater Cleveland, Caesar’s Casino, and 1000’s of other businesses all across the country. She has grown that business from a one-woman show to a team of six people specializing in finding creative solutions for companies and helping them accelerate their growth. She is considered the go-to expert when it comes to helping businesses position themselves as the authority in their industry and monetize using proven lead generation and conversion strategies. They are known for finding creative ways to bring a vision to life while assisting each company in reaching their biggest goals. Using her signature P.R.O.F.I.T. System ™, she has created tons of success stories by transforming the businesses they work with which is why their clients continuously come back for their services. Learn more at or