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The Wristband: a Powerful Tool That Makes a Statement



The Wristband: a Powerful Tool That Makes a Statement

Very often the smallest things know how to attract the most attention. And when we transform these things into tools we are able to share a message and make our voices heard about a belief, idea, concept, social issue or a community happening. One of such powerful tools is the wristband. At first glance, a very simple piece of jewelry, or a marker of belonging to a group or an event, but when you come to think about its importance, it has lots to say. Let’s take a look at the Tyvek wristband, for example. You can see it everywhere, worn by youngsters and adults and always carrying a specific message on it. So, what is so special about these Tyvek bracelets that every business, every campaign, and every organizer use them? Let’s investigate.

General Info

The wristbands that usually carry a message on them are made of Tyvek material which is a synthetic material made from flash spun high-density polyethylene fibers. They are strong, durable, waterproof and stretch-resistant, so they can withstand all the elements and any tempering will be easily noticeable.

Uses for Organisational Purposes

The Tyvek wristbands are the ideal solution for easy grouping and identification of people at big events. For example, at a concert, people with different types of tickets can be given a wristband in a different color that represents the ticket benefits, so those with a VIP ticket can be easily identified by the security detail. Also, those with a backstage entry can easily get to the designated place without having to wait into queues or looking for printed tickets in their pockets or bags – it would be enough just to show their wristband and they are good to go.

Another use of the Tyvek bracelets is for kids excursions. The teachers should provide all the students with wristbands with the name of the responsible teacher and a contact phone number in case the students get lost. Or, different classes of students can be given wristbands in different colors so that they could be easily identified when moving as a crowd.

At sports events, members of the same team can be marked with a wristband in a color that represents their team making them easy to identify and spot. In this way, the spectators can be sure who they are cheering for.

Finally, at holiday resorts, all the guests that enjoy the all-inclusive benefits of the hotel can be given a wristband so that they can be distinguished from the other guests that didn’t pay for such holiday package.

Uses for Promotional Purposes

Apart from organizational uses, the wristbands can be used for promotional purposes. They can serve as a moving billboard promoting the brand and getting to as many potential new customers along the way. The businesses can gain a lot from such a move because they can place their logo in front of the eyes of lots of people. Pictures and messages can be printed on the Tyvek wristbands, so a printed slogan or a logo can go a long way.

Even better, the marketing managers of the brand can engage the customers and potential customers in promoting a new product or a service with the use of wristbands. For example, wristbands can be distributed to people in a shopping mall (where the target audience is) and tell them that if they show up in their store with the bracelet on the wrist they can get a discount or a special offer.

Uses for Awareness Campaigns

Maybe the most significant use of the Tyvek wristbands is to raise the voice for a cause in an awareness campaign. Here, every color carries a particular meaning and message. By wearing such a wristband, we show support for the people affected and make the community aware of the issue while providing solutions or supporting those who provide solutions.

Thus, the red color was the first color to be used in a campaign for raising awareness and it was about AIDS. People wore a red ribbon to show support for the people living with HIV, and later the red wristbands started to be used as well. The red color also represents different types of heart disease as red is often associated with the heart.

The green wristbands are often used to raise awareness about mental illnesses including bipolar disorder and different types of depression. The blue ones are for raising awareness for syndromes and viruses.  The yellow wristbands are a symbol for missing children. Peach is used for the women diseases related to endometrial, uterine and vaginal cancer whereas a puzzle-patterned wristband can symbolize autism or Asperger’s syndrome.


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