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Tips to Advertise Your Business Using Facebook



Facebook advertising will help you to connect with a huge audience. Undoubtedly, Facebook ads will help you to display your message in front of the right segment. For the best outcomes, it is essential to understand the ad types of Facebook and targeting options.

Fortunately, you can save money with the best Facebook advertising packages. Before choosing any package, it will be great to understand different types of ads on Facebook.

Image Ads

These are simple ads for anyone to use paid advertising of Facebook. It is possible to create an image ad with some clicks by boosting your current post with a current image from a Facebook page. Image ads may be simple, but exciting and appealing.

Video Ads

Video ads may run in stories and newsfeed. They will appear in long Facebook videos as in-stream advertisements. These ads may show your product and team in action.  For video ads, you can take a creative approach. There is no need to film video footage because GIF-like graphics work really well.

Poll Ads

The mobile-friendly format of ad incorporates a cooperative component by adding different options, such as a dual option poll to an ad. You can add these options in a video or image ad. Feel free to add a different link for every poll of your choice.

Slideshow Ads

If you have video clips, text, or still photos, slideshow ads may be an easy way to create a short video. You can add attractive motions in these ads similar to videos. These will help you to draw the attention of your audience easily. Fortunately, ad managers are available for your assistance.

Carousel Ads

This ad can use almost ten videos or images to display your service or products. Feel free to use this format to highlight the benefits of a product or different products. You can create a huge panorama image in this ad. Every video or image may have its link.

Select Your Objectives for Advertisement

Before creating an ad campaign, it is essential to clarify your objectives. Facebook allows you to choose from different marketing objectives. You can choose one according to your business goals. For instance, traffic, reach, brand awareness, engagement, app installs, conversions, etc.

You can pick an objective according to your goals for a particular ad. Remember, conversion-oriented (sales) objectives require you to pay for each action. if you need exposure,  you will make payment for impressions.

Choose a Name for Your Campaign

Name your ad campaign on Facebook to declare if your ad is suitable for a special category. A split test is available in different versions. After selecting a name, you can turn on “budget optimization”. This option is beneficial if you have different ad sets.

Set a Suitable Budget

After naming your ad, you have to decide the total amount of money you can spend on your ad campaign. Feel free to select a lifetime or daily budget. Set the end and start dates to schedule ads in the future. To spend your budget efficiently, you can run your Facebook ads on a particular schedule.

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