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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends You Should know in 2020



Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends You Should know in 2020

Social Media marketing is one of the key strengths of marketing your business. Marketing through social media platforms is the new marketing strategy. Many might not know or realize the benefits of social media marketing, while there are some companies who seek help from experts for social media services. But why to seek help from others, instead you must know what are the benefits of social media marketing 2020.

Social media marketing is a smart way of marketing, for many social media users, it has become their part of life. Some people have become addicted to social media in recent years and one has to be aware of social media. Keeping in mind the social media consumption, the businessmen and the marketers have taken the correct advantage of social media platforms. 

There are several marketing strategies among which social media marketing is the most famous one in 2020. The hype of marketing in 2020 has been carried out by social media influence. The content flow is so high on the internet that most of the business flocks have fled enormously for social media marketing. Gradually marketing in social media is also coming to a point of exhaustion so before it reaches the climax, you must know the importance of social media marketing and use the service optimally. 


Social Media Marketing Trend Wise 

Here we will lock the best 5 social media marketing trends of 2020 which one must follow to lead in the market. Social media is a weapon that can be used sufficiently to get the best usage of the weapon and trend in the market which is full of competition. 


#Trend1: Ephemeral Content

This is something that is being introduced to all the social media platforms and once this has been introduced successfully it will bring lots of benefits to your site. This technique is defined as what Instagram and Whatsaap stories are like. Ephemeral contents are the contents that will appear for a small duration of time and after that, it will disappear.


Benefits of Ephemeral Content 

Such content will definitely be consumed by the customer because he or she knows that this particular content would disappear after some time and however much you need it, you will not be able to find it later. Such contents are consumed at first go in the fear of missing it out from social media. 


#Trend2: Follow a Niche

There are currently many social media platforms but in the initial days, there were only Facebook and Instagram. But now there are new social media platforms that have emerged successfully in the market. Such as TikTok has been another leading social media platform that is famous for videos. Apart from YouTube, you can also upload your videos in TikTok to get more viewers.


Benefits of Following a Niche

Suppose your website has to be promoted through videos then you can make your space in youtube and TikTok for more and more promotion through videos. If you have written content then you can publish it on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other such sites. 


#Trend3: Instagram will Remove Likes 

Recently Instagram has been proposed by some beta test that giving likes are like giving validation to ones feeling which is not encouraged for the mental health of the users. It is detrimental to people’s mental health which is caused by likes. 


Benefits of Removing Likes

It would give mental satisfaction to the brand plus a lack of expected likes would not demotivate them. The number of likes often creates a negative or positive impact on the publisher which will no longer exist with the removal of the Like option. 


#Trend4: Content vs Video Content 

It has always been said that Content is the king but tables have been turned around with the improvement of technology. Experts say the attention span of the human being is 8 secs and mostly they skip through texts if we fail to grab their attention in the first few lines. But video content is bound to hold one’s interest. One would definitely like to watch a video than read a piece of article.    


Benefits of Video Content

Video contents are easy to be understood and grab attention. The aim of content published as a video conveys the message in a better manner than it is conveyed through written content. The exact emotion and ideas are replicated through video content on any social media platform.   


#Trends5: Social Commerce will Increase

Social media platforms have always been used to sell products such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Social Commerce has become a new retail revenue for the products and in the future days, this will become more strong and important gradually. This facility is already there on Instagram where below the post you find the “Sop Now” option. 


Benefits of Social Commerce

You make shopping for your customers very easy, they will not have to separately visit the official website for buying the product you sell. They can simply click the “Shop Now” option to do their shopping directly from social media sites. 



These are the top most social media marketing strategies of the brands. The more you make your presence in social media, the better you do your marketing. Social media is the new weapon to reach out to the maximum number of readers or your target group. We believe if you start following these above-mentioned pointers then you would be able to do a successful social media marketing. You will be highly benefitted with social media marketing to reach out more to your target audience. 




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